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Because You Rock! March 29, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in music.
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This evening I noticed a post at konagod’s place with a clip from the Edgar Winter Group.

This was more than a bit strange. I mean, how often do YOU think about the Edgar Winter Group?

And yet, on a walk-about through the woods of Southern Vermont this afternoon, I was engulfed by thoughts of that very same musician, and lamenting his transformation from the jazzman who produced Entrance, his first solo album after leaving brother Johnny’s monstrous blues group, to the bare-chested and overly-made-up rock phenomenon who produced Frankenstein and its ilk.

Now in case you missed it (and most everyone did,) Entrance was a drop-dead gorgeous jazz-rock fusion tour-de-force, featuring Edgar on lusciously full piano tracts, extraordinarily vibrant alto sax work, and totally over-the-top vocals, culminating in a forty-plus second high-note finale on Tobacco Road destined to curl the toes of anyone who deigned to listen.

So with that little nudge from konagod, I went looking for anything from Edgar’s album Entrance. But I found nothing, as this gem was apparently a total commercial flop.

But what I DID find was a live version of his hit, Frankenstein, in which he does an amazing drum battle with his man Chuck Ruff, and it really changed my mind about his conversion from jazz prodigy to rock monster – he still tears it up! And a more recent(2006) youtube video shows him still kickin’ it down!

So for all of you rockers out there, here’s a gem which I hope you enjoy as much as I did: Edgar Winter and White Trash playing Frankenstein:

The four guys in this video are having SO much fun that I DARE you not to dig it!