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Like A Li’l Bear!! March 18, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Dinner with TCR, Love and Death.
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So the good vibes from all you folks out there in the ‘Sphere, combined with the TLC administered by Ultimate Spawn during her school vacation, finally sent my fever packing.

And it’s about time, if I do say so myself. Holy Cow, was I ever sick! My personal Six Days War culminated in a weekend hibernation, cocooned in comforters and sipping tea, sleeping eighteen hours at a stretch, waking only long enough to moan pitifully, roll over and go back into that defensive torpor.

Yesterday was a visit to hell, an unavoidably full work day of sledge hammering stakes into the frozen ground with one good arm, alongside a busy urban thoroughfare in frigid temps, punctuated by coughing and retching fits and several hasty retreats into the nearest thorny hedgerow.

I wish you all something better, I really do.

At any rate, today I awoke hungry at the five o’clock alarm, and considered it a good sign. The cough remained, but gone was my swimming vision, and my brain seemed to have ousted the burning phosphorous brick which had occupied my skull since last Wednesday.

I managed a cup of coffee and a piece of toast before heading back out into the Working World, then held off ’till dinner time for a real meal.

And tonight, like a newly awakened bear tearing into a thawing Spring log, I scarfed together some of my Fridge’s Finest and made a Welcome Back meal of things I vaguely remember dreaming of in my infirmity, some fresh greens I had hoped would keep, some cream I trusted to be fresh enough to last.

It all came together in about fifteen minutes of trance-like auto-pilot kitchenery:

(still) Fresh Raviolis stuffed with Portabellas and Fontina Cheese, in a Cream Sauce with Spinach and Prosciutto:


These had barely hit the plate when they were passing my tonsils, accompanied by the glorious strains of a choir of angels.

Not the fanciest meal I ever made, but definitely a cut above the two cans of soup which were my total weekend’s caloric intake!