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Today’s Ramblings. October 9, 2012

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Spent some of this afternoon’s filtered light chasing photos, driving slowly and scrubbing the roadsides for images. The air was heavy, the light was low and the Little Things were glad to have their hands on the shutter release.

These are a few of the shots they made me take.

Gone-by asters beneath an old maple:

Bittersweet takes charge of a hedgerow beside a barn:

Fading ferns surround a few brilliant maple leaves:

…as turning vines adorn a stone wall:

All of these are courtesy of Elliot, who loves to lay his mojo down for any and all voyeurs.

Another Rainy Day… October 13, 2011

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…except this one was here on home turf.  It rained all day up in Florida along the Cold river:

Taken out of my car window at lunchtime.

After work I headed to Greenfield by the back roads – the drizzle was too nice to miss.  I didn’t find the right place to shoot until the atmospherics had mostly dissipated, but the “wet paint” effect was still on along this gravel road:

I was playing with Elliot, laying his plane of sharp focus vertically instead of horizontally.  Does it show in that road shot?

This was in upper Shelburne in a maple grove without much understory:

I actually pulled over to photograph this grove before I noticed the light on the road.  And in parking, I navigated around this oyster mushroom bloom on a stump:

It was a short but sweet stop along the road in classic New England weather.

I dug it.

Rainy Day Dreamin’. July 1, 2011

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Ah, the pleasures of a(nother) rainy day, greening up the woods:

…greening up the garden:

…and providing some peaceful evenings down by the river:

Daisy Fleabane closes shop for the night at the East Charlemont boat launch on the Deerfield river.

We should get some sun this long weekend as well as the soggy “usual,” so I’m pretty psyched for that!

Small Wonders. April 17, 2011

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I got out today, between showers, to see which of Nature’s Children might have been coaxed from their seasonal sleep.  All around there were signs of Spring, from green shoots to buds popping in the trees, despite the dampness and the chill wind.  Surveying the gently swaying world, I opted to hunker down for some ground-level investigation.

My first stop was an overgrown stone wall down by the Deerfield, and there I struck Photographer’s Gold – a world of miniature structures clinging implausibly to the weathered schist boulders stacked along the road to Rowe.

Wading into an ankle-deep slurry of last year’s leaves and this year’s run-off, I contorted my tripod in a way which the better ones accommodate and set to work with Ziggy, my 50mm macro lens.

The results were gratifying for an early-season foray – last year’s miniature perennials poking through a bed of lichen:

…the reproductive trumpets of another stage of that lichen:

…and a tiny fern asserting its presence in a crowd of lichens and moss:

These colors are right out of the box, not adjusted in any way; they’re pretty nice just as Nature made them!

Thank you, Mother Earth; thank you, Father Sky.

Ferns, Several Kinds. May 26, 2010

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A lot of ferns grow in these parts.  Here are a few shots of the ferns hereabout.

Ostrich ferns, pointed and elegant and long past their delicious fiddlehead stage:

Maiden’s head ferns, geometric, like tiles on an ancient wall:

…and Cinnamon ferns, with their separate fertile fronds standing proudly, ready to send forth their spores:

…and on their sticky stems, ants gathering their sweetness:

It’s magical, this time of year, when things make their leap from sleeping to running at full speed into their futures.

And all we need to do to be a part of it is to notice.

Fern, Interrupted. May 18, 2010

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An interrupted fern, with its fertile fronds fully formed, unfurls its finery after a frost:

The fertile fronds form feathery, pebbled protruberances:

Spore-filled and eager to pop.

Hey, aren’t we all!

Two Takes On Ferns. May 6, 2009

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I’m drawn to ferns, in large part because of their intricate symmetries.

These are interrupted ferns, Osmunda clatytoniana.  I played with this first shot to achieve an infra-red feel, and found it very surreal:

infra red ferns

…and here’s a close-up of its “fertile fronds,” dark green as the fiddle unfolds, soon to be dark-chocolate brown, later maturing to a light coffee color:

young interrupted ferns

Ferns reproduce by spores rather than seeds or runners, and this is where interrupteds carry theirs.

More ferns later.

Turning November 5, 2007

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And this Season also turns.


Leaves, crunchy, edges curled, covering fern fronds folded amidst the moss.

Upstanding, straight-backed trees broad-casting the fruits of their season,

Snatching the carbon and the water molecules and the passing sunlight,

Night and day, day and night, ’till their little solar panels,

In absolutely perfect planned obsolescence,

Cut loose, cast off, cascade down,

Down, delivering themselves

And their carbon cargo

To their resting place

Beneath a blanket

Of white.