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Ruins. December 11, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death.
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In the Great Southwest, they have Spanish mission churches with their roofs collapsed, ghost towns with their tumbleweeds, corrals overgrown with cacti.  They make compelling images for photographers who can get there.

But I’m not there; I’m here in New England, where the ruins of the industrial Gold Rush pock the landscape, bleak and beautiful in their fall from grace.

The walls of a former factory in Turners Falls stand defiantly in the last light of day:

This was a collaboration between Elliot, who contributed considerable “shift” to turn the vanishing-point-effect into a statement of this structure’s weight, and Photoshop’s ability to convert an image to black and white and emphasize portions of the color spectrum.  The skies were sub-optimal but still worth pushing the button.

To avoid signs and fences, I cropped this to a 4X5 aspect ratio (is that what the Big Boys call it?)  I would have climbed atop my vehicle and simplified the process, but I was on a one-lane, one-way bridge and didn’t think that was the polite thing to do.

This is a venue I hope to return to a little earlier in the day, when the skies have something more to say and this north-facing facade has a bit more light on it.