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Elizabeth! November 6, 2012

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So, it looks like Elizabeth Warren has defeated incumbent Senator Scott Brown here in Massaacbusetts.



A Visit From Elizabeth Warren. October 23, 2012

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We had a guest in town this week. Elizabeth Warren, candidate for Senate in Massachusetts, visited The West End Pub in Buckland as part of her Western Massachusetts campaign.

She was enthusiastically greeted by a relatively large group of people in this usually uncluttered town. That’s her in the red jacket in the middle of this crowd:

She was an attentive listener:

…and seemed to care about engaging with people:

She talked a little more formally about the things she believes in and plans to work for:

I wasn’t an unbiased observer, but rather was fully on board with her appraisal of problems and prescriptions for solutions.

I knew I wasn’t alone in liking this as Pip wagged his tail in appreciation:

Thanks to Ms. Warren for noticing that we exist out here in Western Massachusetts.

Haven’t seen a hair of Senator Brown…


Tomorrow’s Another Birthday… September 28, 2011

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…not that I usually notice, but this year there’s something I really, really  want.

I want Elizabeth Warren to be my Senator.

If you have the slightest inclination to say “Happy Birthday” to me, I would be moved to tears if you would say it by supporting Elizabeth in some small way.  She’s on our side, and deserves to have us on hers.

You can do that by dropping her a dime or two at Elizabeth Warren.com.  Any little bit will go a long way if we all do our part.

And it’s a birthday thought that will benefit us all, you, me and the kids.