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Wow. March 30, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, Love and Death.

My friend Jennifer just pointed me toward this video, which was put up by Robin at Ponderings and Pawprints:

This is strangely hard for me to watch; I’m not entirely comfortable with the anthropomorphism in this piece, because I can’t really see it coming from the elephant’s point of view.

But it certainly corroborates my conception of Humans as not unique or special in the natural world. We’re just as beautiful as the next thing, and no more, and that’s pretty good.

The decisions which Humankind makes affect everything else on Earth. The fates of field mice and elephants are really out of their hands, aren’t they?

So it comes down to us, the People, to try to keep things sane and working. And not just working for us, working for All living things.