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Images From My Day April 23, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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I’m still working an hour south of where I live, and despite having to rise early and burn the extra gas, I’m enjoying the opportunity to find new ways home in the late afternoon.

Every road has its views, its light, its revelations. And each time I pull over (I really am a hazard!) to look at something, I notice something else, usually the smaller things which so subtly contribute to the larger picture.

This farm in Cummington had a beautiful light, and colors which applied my brakes without my conscious involvement:

No photographic funny-business there – that’s pretty much a push-the-button shot.

I pushed through a nascent elderberry thicket to get it, and noticed the tiny umbels along their branches, destined with just a bit of luck to become clusters of white flowers, then purple berries. Their future is so all there for the appreciative eye to see:

And beneath my feet (well, between my feet – I’ve become something of a citizen/keeper of the natural world) a bloom of bloodroot crowed their fleeting supremacy over a patch of damp pasture:

In a couple of weeks they’ll be nowhere to be seen, subjugated by a conquering army of invasive Japanese Knotweed.

And along side, a herd of beefalo couldn’t care less:

It felt like a productive detour, this little dirt road did. Hope you enjoy it.