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Ducks (Nearly) Unlimited. February 14, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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After chasing a non-existent (well, perhaps “cloud-obscured” would be more accurate) moonrise this afternoon, I headed home through the back roads of Montague.  It’s pastoral and fairly open there, with views of the Connecticut River.  I figured if the light was right I might get lucky with a landscape photograph.

Crossing the much smaller Mill River I noticed movement off to my right – birds coming own through the trees to roost!  I turned around at the next crossroad and went back, and sure enough, there were hundreds of ducks landing in the water and climbing out on the banks:

…with dozens more landing every few minutes.  The clouds were thick but occasionally broken, and I waited for breaks of light – Gizmo likes a lot of light.

These birds were fun to watch, with their flashes of color and their ungainly walk:

Perhaps it’s the anthropomorphism prevalent in the advertising world, but they seemed to me to be talking to each other.

Here a passing Hen flipps off three too-cool-to-look Malards:

…And always, more birds coming in:

They looked like they were settling in for the night, huddling in pairs and little groups, tucking their heads under their wings; it wasn’t dusk yet, but perhaps they felt the weather coming in.

I headed for home, and it was raining before I got there.

Smart birds.