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Mr. Cat Assumes The Position!!! July 28, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Friday Kittehz Blogging.
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In his typical imitation of Road Kill, Mr. Cat deals with the heat by going wheels-up on the kitchen floor, staring motionlessly at nothing:

If Pethouse gets a hold of this, he’ll be a centerfold  fer sher!

Actually, Mr. Cat prefers to be outside whenever possible, choosing to lounge on a warm flat rock to survey his kingdom:

That’s a good place from which to spy on chippies and mouses.  But don’t let him catch you  spying on him

“You lookin’ at my paws??  Well, are ya, PUNK???

That makes him go half crazy!

Like, dizzy,  man:

What a ham.

So there’s some Friday Kittehz Blogging for ya, after quite a while of none.

Enjoy your Friday evening!  🙂