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Dinner With TCR! December 13, 2009

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After an angst-filled hiatus populated with dollar cheeseburgers and too much beer, I’m tonight not only moved to cook something good, but to share it with you.

Here’s my version of Thai cooking – Coconut Curried Shrimp and Scallops with Basil and Vegetables:

This came out really tasty, with hints of coconut milk and lemon grass bumping the wonderfully sweet scallops into orbit, and fresh-chopped basil added at the last minute.  Served over steaming Basmati rice, the entirety was most satisfying!

As the pieces of my personal life settle into something closer to predictability, I hope to be able to share more of my dinners with you nice folks.

Ciao for now.

Dinner With TCR December 22, 2007

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Tonight, with shrimp from the freezer:

Curry-Rubbed Scallops and Shrimp with Stir-Fried Veggies over Red Chilli Linguini:


Gotta love those rigid hunkers in the back of the Ice-Box!

Confessions Of An Alliophilic Gastronome November 30, 2007

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I like LOVE to eat (back Ladies, back! ) And I like it to be intense, bursting with flavors, spicy if it fits.

So I was a bit taken aback by a recent request by fairlane to make something vegetarian, with no onions.

Oy. Now I’m taking requests for MY DINNER!

But if there’s anything a climber loves (back Ladies, back! ) it’s a challenge which seems damned near impossible, but maybe, juuuuuust maybe, with a positive attitude and the right body English, could “go.”

So after a bit of thought I came up with this:


Coconut Curried Chick-Peas with Wilted Baby Spinach and Cashews, served over a brown Basmati rice.

Hope that does the trick, Mr. Fairlane! Onion-free veggie fare, just for you!

‘Cept now I’m gonna eat it!

And tomorrow, I’m gonna OD on vitamin O!

Iraqi Stew! October 26, 2007

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The time finally came to dig up my spuds, planted in the Spring from some semi-gone-by organic units which a local farmer had left on the sidewalk outside a local store, with a “Take Me, I’m Free!” sign. I had never grown “Polish Truffles” before, but the price was right, so I took ’em and planted ’em and forgot about ’em.

And tonight I remembered ’em and dug ’em up! This here’s the haul from the single plant I axed tonight:


Easily ten pounds, I swear!

Then I got to thinking, “What have I ever made with ‘taters beside home-fries?”

The answer: Iraqi Stew!

This is a dish I learned to make from a friend of mine who’s originally from Baghdad. (As an aside, this brilliant man, a professor of Linguistics and African Francophone Literature, now hides his origins for fear of persecution in The Land Of The Free.)

Start by browning a bunch of chicken (which would more likely be lamb in Iraq) with lots of garlic and a heavy dose of curry powder (I know, “curry again?? Can’t help it. I like curry!) Add potatoes, onions and carrots and some stewed tomatoes (these were put up this season by my Ex’s boyfriend 😉 ) and simmer for, oh, hours. I added the fresh green beans toward the end of the cooking time ’cause I’m a “Health Nazi” and wanted something green tonight.

The result:


Delicious on a chilly Autumn night. Enjoy!