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Driftin’. January 9, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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When I saw the windblown snow twisting past the kitchen window in twirling white tempests today, I resolved to head up to the local high country in search of drifts to photograph.

Well, one thing lead to another around this old house and I didn’t get out the door ’till it was nearly too late; I got up to Windsor just as the sun was setting behind thick, dark clouds.

I pulled off route 8A, leaving the motor running and flashers on as I waded into the knee-deep drifts to get this:

A little bit of pink in the overhead clouds tinged the snow nicely, even though the drift was unremarkable.

As the wind picked up and the air grew thick I packed it up and went a bit farther, looking for a better place to turn around, and came across a more interesting drift right in the break-down lane.  I’d just seen a state plow pass heading northward and estimated that I didn’t have much time before it hit the Savoy line and turned around, so I pulled over and jumped out into the elements, snagging this image of a crenellated crest of guardrail gargoyles standing sentinel over the southbound fog line:

I’d snapped off a few shots when I heard the scraping rumble of the plow coming up behind me and snatched up my kit, running toward the oncoming plow, its long steel wing bearing down on my 4Runner.  Fortunately the visibility was good; the driver saw me and slowed down enough for me to throw my still-on camera over the seat and take off intact.

I watched in my side view mirror as the plow hit the impossibly delicate formations, scattering them to the winds which had brought them.