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Phall Pholiage Photos! October 10, 2012

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More colors from this sub-optimal (but still pretty cool) season.

Locally, some back roads:

A Conway beaver pond:

Bittersweet on a barn in Hawley:

A few Deerfield river shots:

The real color, though, was higher up in the hills. I’d seen The Change coming to Southern Vermont and headed that-a-way, passing through the heights of Rowe, MA on the drive, and stopped off at a seldom-visited beaver pond for a couple of quickies:

I especially liked this shot of orange jelly fungus popping out of a fallen spruce along the pond’s edge:

All of these are from Elliot, bless his little mechanisms.

In Vermont, the best colors were along Route 9 between Searsburg on the east and Bennington on the west:

Of that last bunch, the more expansive views were captured by Ollie, the last two are from Gizmo.

This year, Autumn has been a finicky visitor and seems anxious to be moving on.

Oh well, let her go, I say. Can’t stop her anyway.

I may head farther afield in the next few days, searching for a few last kisses before Bleak November arrives.

Morning In Amerika. January 5, 2011

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I’m driving through the pinchingly cold pre-dawn air, a house-warmed camera and lenses on the seat beside me, up into the hills of Conway.  The eastern horizon cracks, emitting the long, low rays of the day’s first light.

I pull to a stop alongside a working farm, grasping for a piece of the morning’s glory, coming away with only this:

It was better than that, I swear, but my skills are rudimentary and my fingers were going numb.

I raced the rising riot of light to the valley floor, arriving in time to throw Elliot at this scene from the river’s edge, a lace of high-water ice suspended above a low-water dawn:

Tilt/Shift photography benefits from slow breathing and sensitive fingertips, but even lacking half of that equation, it beats sleeping in.