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Columbines. May 12, 2012

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Red ones:

White ones:

Red and white together, atop a local road-cut (as they all were) :

My insurance company appreciates my investment in lenses which allow me to photograph these without piling extension ladders atop my car, as those of you who have visited here in past years might recall.  😉

These Spring beauties are fading, but if the weather cooperates we’ll soon have a whole new list of wildflowers sprouting in the meadows.

Stay tuned!


Hump-Day Dump! June 16, 2010

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Here ’tis, the proverbial photo-dump.

You know, the stuff which doesn’t tell a story, but which you hate to delete without giving it its moment in the sun.

Dark blue columbines along the road in Savoy:

Orange hawkweed at a cemetery in upper Windsor:

Yellow Flag irises in a beaver swamp in Shelburne:

…and Blue Flag irises in a meadow, these back in Windsor, and set against a field of Ragged Robin and Buttercups:

The weather’s been un-June-like, rainy and cool.  Here the mists rise over a field in Charlemont:

I know, it’s grainy, but it’s a hand-held shot on a dimly lit evening, and consequently at a stupid high ISO.

And a bit later, a sunset as the clouds blew away:

Not a calendar shot, but perhaps worth sharing before I recycle it.

Hope your week is going well as we crest this thing and set our sights on sliding down the other side.

Minutiae. April 19, 2010

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Some little things which had the poor judgment to cross my path today.

Common club moss, here topped with its Spring fertile hats and drenched with morning dew:

Pussy Toes, along the road:

That’s a quarter inch of pristine complexity.

A clump of violets, the local wild kind:

Early saxifrage, clinging to a roadcut on the drive home.

And a little red Columbine, considering whether or not to unfurl its crown at this early date:

Things have popped early this year, and risk being taken down by a cold snap.

Meanwhile, I’m happy to share them with you.

High Atop A Roadcut… May 26, 2008

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…along the road to Zoar, I spied a bloom of columbines, glinting redly in the afternoon sun.

“Yeah,” I thought. “I want pictures of that!”

So home I flew and back, returning with an extension ladder. Ten minutes of relocating roadside rocks created a space where I could pull The Runtmobile in tight to the schist escarpment, close enough to erect the extension ladder on my roof-rack. Then, with my camera and trick tripod slung over my shoulder, I approached my prey.

It was a feat nearly worthy of Cirque Du Soleil, OSHA Unapproved, complete with a cameo appearance by our local Officer Obie (whom I dazzled with bulllshit and sent packing, shaking his head and muttering audibly as he drove away.)

The day’s haul included a handful of shots of reds, the best of which was this one:

And this close-up of a much less common white columbine:

Unfortunately a stiff breeze foiled my attempts at nice, crisp images, and most of the rest of the shots were junk.

Oh, except for this cute little heart of a leaf, less than an eighth of an inch across:

I’m pretty sure it’s a baby columbine seedling. But regardless, it was low and stout enough to stand still for me while Mom and Dad cavorted in the breeze.

Thanks, Little Feller!

Love Toy. May 5, 2008

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Just got a new toy, and I’m aching to use it.

I hope you’ll enjoy watching as I explore the ins and outs of it, probing ever more deeply into the intimate natural world, exploring moist places, seeing how things grow before your very eyes.

I’m in Love with a Sigma F2.8 DG MACRO.

Hope it titillates you too.


Solar Sex Panels unfold above an atmosphere of moss in a gambit for first dibs on The Light:

The Moss Strikes Back with a phalanx of moss-goslings:

…While above them, a columbine beneficently blesses the battle:

Yeah, I’m gonna like this toy a lot.