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They’re Coming! April 18, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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…Spring wildflowers, that is.

Along the road above the South river in Conway, Bloodroot:

Along Clessen brook in Buckland, Colt’s Foot:

Those two were taken with Elliot set at about 7 or 8 degrees of tilt, giving pretty good depth of field, non?

And here’s a shot of I Forget What, taken up along Hog Hollow Road in Buckland:

(I can feel my Nature Boy merit badge being ripped off my sleeve as I type this, so if you recognize this beauty, please rescue me here!)

The next couple of weeks should yield the first rush of our wildflowers, the woodland ones which come in before the leaves unfurl and restrict their light.  I’ll try to be alert so we can share them, ‘k?



My Li’l Buddies! April 19, 2008

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Finally, some local color – the Spring wildflowers are popping in the valleys just a bit south of here (where I’ve been working this past week.)

Colt’s Foot along the Westfield River:

Bloodroot in a nearby field:

…and a solitary Trout Lily growing at the edge of a rural lawn:

Welcome back, little ones – you’ve been missed!

This is my contribution to FranIAm’s Flower Roll Call post and its memeage-mimicking infectuosity!