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A Cold Moon. December 10, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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The December Full Moon has many names (as do they all:) Cold Moon, Snow Moon, Oak Moon, Peach Moon, Long Night Moon …

The list goes on.  Every Peoples has a reason for the appellation they apply to the twelve full moons of the year.

Regardless of the name one chooses to call it by, the December Lunar Fullness occurred in the wee hours of this morning.  And knowing the low probability that I’d make it out of bed in the dink and the dank of the dark and frosty AM twilight, I snagged these half-a-night-short-of-full-moon shots last evening, with the light fading from the land:

It was predictably hazy, but clearer than the night before, so I was satisfied to get what I got.

Here the sky took on a rose hue as the sun dipped below the horizon:

The haze meant that I never got a really clear moon shot to share, but still, it didn’t entirely suck:

I missed the clarity of a colder, drier night, but dug the halo.

Now onward toward January, and the prospect of capturing that elusive crisp shot of craters and shadows.

Thanks to Gizmo and Ollie for these photos.  Good boys!  😉