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Merry Christmas / Happy Birthday… December 25, 2009

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…to a guy who is a personal hero of mine, Jesus of Nazareth, Prince of Peace, and a helluva guy.  If he were to come back today he’d doubtless follow Reverend Billy, that is, when he wasn’t kicking banker-ass.  And though I don’t recall any specific instances in The Good Book where Jesus laughed or cracked jokes, I bet he would think it pretty funny to hear the red-faced douchenozzles of the Radical Reicht proclaiming ours to be a Christian Nation even as they kick the down-and-out in the teeth and rail against being expected to lift a finger to help those less fortunate than themselves.

At any rate, Jeez, thanks for setting the bar so high by chumming around with whores, refusing to wear socks in your sandals and really, really walking the walk.

Happy Happy, Merry Merry, and for God’s sake, don’t be a stranger.


P.S.   And to all the rest of you out there in Bloggyville, Sleep in Heavenly Peace…

G’night now.

The Aftermath December 26, 2007

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Christmas this year seemed to have a food theme – which is VERY cool. Because in this house, food gets appreciated!

There were pistachios (my favorite nuts!) and hot sauces and chocolate covered raspberries and cherries. And there was a variety of freshly canned sauces and relishes and veggies from Miz Lumena and Frau B’s Autumn harvest!


And that card is from Heifer International. Elder Progeny made a donation in my name to help buy a goat for a poor family in a third-world country. Heifer International’s livestock recipients are taught how to turn their granted animals into continuously productive resources, and must agree to breed and distribute their little goats, cows, sheep, rabbits and chickens to help other families attain food and an income stream.

I think that’s very cool – a lot like the kinds of micro-loans which are helping women and their families worldwide.

And we did a good job of keeping the waste down this year. We had a couple of small gift bags from years past (which bags will be put away for next year,) A little bit of recyclable cardboard and tissue paper and some small things wrapped in used paper bags. Excluding food wrapper trash and recyclables, our addition to the land-fill was exactly this:


It’s a little over a square foot of wrapping paper, which I have since taken to the dump. In my jeans pocket.

In the afternoon the Girls made it over to their Mom’s for yet another Christmas Dinner that Couldn’t Be Beat (sorry Arlo!)

In the evening I took Miz Lu and Frau B up on a kind invitation to share some Champagne and oysters around a crackling wood stove.

I mean, how cool is that??

Thanks, Ladies!

A Simple Season December 24, 2007

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THEY SAY IT’S A GIFT to be simple.

But it isn’t easy. There are pressures, expectations.

Sometimes we can’t meet those expectations, though. Can’t rise to the occasion. Can’t cough it up. Can’t really see how putting it on a credit card will lead to anything good.

Two days ago I let go of the idea of buying a nice fluffy tree from the Boy Scouts. I would have loved to have helped them. Maybe next year.

So I took a ride up into the High Country where the firs and spruces grow, and I found a sweet little tree.


And like my ancestors before me, I said a prayer of thanks as I took it from its home and brought it to mine.


Then my gurrrls got busy with the Magic of the Season


And there it stands, fancy on the inside. And we like it like that, my girls and I.


Tomorrow morning we’ll sit around the tree and open our cards and a couple of things my brother got us, and we’ll talk about the things we already have which we’re grateful for. Like each other. Like our health. Like our community of friends.

And I’m going to tell them how much I appreciate having you folks in my life. Because, my friends, you are important to me. Cousin Phydeaux, Fran, Lisa, Jen, and so many more. I shouldn’t name any, because in doing so I’m doing the rest of you a disservice.

But please, all of you, know that I’m a better person for having you in my life.

Merry Christmas.


Dinner With The TCRs December 24, 2007

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I have the rare pleasure of my daughters’ company tonight. They’re both off at college, but both here tonight for Christmas Eve Dinner.

So I went the extra mile with a nice dinner tonight, a pork tenderloin stuffed with pesto, pine nuts and roasted red peppers, served with roasted potatoes and garnet yams.


It was tasty, and we all enjoyed each other’s company.

Deck The Malls! December 23, 2007

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It’s that time, Folks: Buy it or don’t! No more lolly-gagging around in your PJs as you surf the Blog-o-sphere for entertaining diversions and intellectual stimulation.


Not as a want-to, but as a have-to. It’s your Patriotic Duty As An American. The Corporacrats Uncle Sam demands it.


The sad truth is that, despite my irreverent guffawing about it, there is indeed a War On Christmas. And it isn’t just about short-sheeting the creche where Jesus of Nazareth was born or excluding religious references from our publicly-funded celebrations of The Season. It’s also about denying the much older traditions from which the Judeo-Christian celebration of The Season sprung, the Solstice celebrations, the holding holy of a Tipping Point in the natural cycle of the world, the recognition of the precisely balanced, delicate relationship between All Things Natural.

This war is for your wallets and your minds. Fuck your hearts. You don’t need to feel anything other than a base, lustful craving for All Things Material.

And if you’re so out-of-the-loop as to not care about such things, for Gawd’s sake, think of the children! How will they feel when they go back to school wearing this past Summer’s cool shoes, when all the really cool kids have pitched those barely-worn relics and donned Next Year’s Cool Shoes? What are they going to say to the little shits who got a whole new next-generation whatever-the-fuck they play games on these days is, and your kids just got new games to put into the monstrosity they talked you into last Christmas?

Well, the awful reality is that by the time you read this, there may not be time to redeem yourself. You may be stuck handing out some pathetic version of the New American Dream, and your kids will just have to pitch an ineffectual tantrum and slam some doors and cry on the phone ’till they’re ready to let it go and suck it in and go to school in Last Month’s Shoes.

But take heart, Parents of the World. ‘Cause you’re not dead yet. There’s still time, though not much.

There’s only 366 shopping days left ’till next Christmas.