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‘Shroomin’! September 2, 2009

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After a crappy Spring/Summer wild mushroom season, we entered September with a flourish.

A flash of color and a stop along the road on the way home from work yesterday yielded a cornucopia of fungi, beginning with a tender bloom of Laetiporus sulphureus (or Sulphur Shelf, if you don’t naturally go around speaking Latin) :

chicken of the woods

These will be great in curries and stir-frys!

And all around and along the way, there were ‘shrooms of other genera begging me to eat them.

Some will get their wish!*

* That’s a pretty clear example of Man being the center of his own universe, non?

Anyway, here’s part of the haul.  Clockwise from the upper left:

mushroom medley

A nice fat (unidentified) coral, some beefy Chicken of the Woods (Sulpher Shelf,) a mess of nice Winter Chanterelles, Cahtharellus infandibuliformis,  some black trumpets , or Horn of Plenty if you will (Craterellus cornucopioides) on the right, surrounding what a local vendor calls “chocolate boletes,” but despite his assurances I’m not eating them until I can put a real name on them, then bottom center, some Hedgehog Mushrooms, Dentinum repandum,  which I’ve since dispatched in a sauté, followed leftward by a beefy bunch of Eastern Chanterellles, Cantharellus cibarius, and on the far left, one of several Green Russulas,  Russula aeruginea,  which I may or may not eat.

Oh, and in the muddle are two King Boletes (Boletus edulis,) the prize of the lot.  Delicious anyway they’re done, though I’m leaning toward butter and garlic, perhaps over pasta.

Stay tuned.   😉

Dinner With TCR! July 23, 2009

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We ought to be full-on into the Hundred Yard Diet season, but with all this rain, it’s been slower than usual around here.  In particular, my garden is languishing (should have planted rice 😦 ) and very few of our local mushrooms have popped.  Go figure – one might think the rain would be great for ‘shrooms, but apparently they need more sun/heat than they’re getting.

Today’s bright spot was finding a nice little clump of Sulpher Shelf, Laetiporus sulphureus,  on the way home and slicing it into a stir-fry of Chinese cabbage, red onion, red pepper and LOTS of fresh ginger, and serving it over Basmati rice:


I’ll be watching for more of these babys, ’cause…

‘Twas Guuud!