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The One Of Dinner. December 19, 2008

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Because you asked.

Actually, I was wondering how to talk about this particular dinner, and your comment/query made me say “what the hell,” and just post the pictures.

This is a  sauté of the tops of my Brussels sprouts, which tops I had never eaten before, primarily because I had never grown them before, and they don’t come with stalks and tops in the grocery store:


This was a cultural train wreck, but delicious nonetheless.

I started with the sprouts tops, sautéd in sesame oil, as the little critters looked somehow Oriental. Then I chopped in some roasted red peppers, ’cause I had ’em. Then I added, as is my wont, two cloves bulbs of coarsely chopped garlic, because I could.

I ate it over pasta, with a generous raft of grated cheese, because, again, I could.

But I didn’t take any pictures, because I was so friggin’ hungry that I Hoovered it before I could stop myself.

So tonight I did it again, this time using Co-op bought rainbow chard:


…served over (leftover) pasta:


Both dinners were delicious, with the measuring stick set at “Has Garlic.”

Dinner With TCR. October 8, 2008

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Tonight, the last of the Rainbow Chard from my garden, sautéed with a bulb of garlic, some sun-dried tomatoes, spicy pumpkin seeds and enough chicken broth to bring it all together, served over Squid Ink Penne tossed with grated cheese:

Oh, and a side of Perch poached in a tamari-ginger broth.


OK, So I Lied September 4, 2007

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I just bagged out of the lively discourse over at Blue Gal’s Monday Night Salon with the stated intention of grilling some asparagus, roasted red peppers and local organic garlic.

Since people seemed to like that idea, I feel a little bit bad about veering off my purported path for the sake of expediency, and figure the least I can do (and trust me, I always do the least I can do) is set the record straight.

Tonight’s 11:30pm dinner was rainbow chard from my garden, sautéd hard on a bed of a concoction proffered by my local grocery store, a pickled mixture of whole garlic cloves and hot red peppers:


Here it’s steaming up a storm before running out of juice and caramelizing into a sweet/hot amalgam of gastronomic simplicity. I’m wolfing it as I type, hence the verbial excess.

What can I say, I LOVE food!