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Frank. September 5, 2012

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Frank is an independent-minded fellow, and very grudgingly sat for this portrait:

He’s since made it clear he’s not inclined to do so again, and I want to respect that.

So thank you, Frank, for sitting this one last time and allowing me to bring your beautiful visage home.

Missing Mr. Cat. March 28, 2012

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Mr. Cat had the dubious luck of being left in my charge for the past two weeks, while his Mommies scoured Southern California for photos worth sharing (they succeeded in spades, which will be another post.)

Now, I have an allergy to cats, but not all cats being equal, Mr. Cat affects me less than most, meaning my lungs don’t fill up with blood and I don’t die in his presence.

Yeah, I’ve been close to the edge in that scenario, and moved into my car at one point to avoid certain death.

Anyway, my time as Supervisee of Mr. Cat was splendid, and I so grew to love The Boy that I’m missing him greatly now that he’s at home in Arlington, MA.

Fortunately, I snapped a couple of photos of him so I wouldn’t be totally bereft in his absence.  Mr. Cat napping on a chair near the wood stove:

And let me ask you, if you were a female kitty, would you say “yes” to this face?

I would.  That’s the sexiest kitty I’ve ever seen, and I’m hardly embarrassed to admit it.

So I’m all drippy with anticipation of Mr. Cat’s return to Tai Farm, and will keep you posted as that occurs.

“I’ll Light The Fire…” October 15, 2010

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“…With two cats in the yard…”

Enkido and Frank noodling around in their outdoor pen/climbing structure.

A reprise of Friday Kittehz Blogging, at which I have been slacking for lo these many months.

Have a great Friday evening!

Friday Kittehz Blogging. October 10, 2008

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This is a Farm Cat.  He’s sitting patiently in the grass while a nearby Farm Cat dies.

They do that for each other, you know.  They Sit/Stand Vigil while their fellow cat passes.

It’s not just a human thing.  It’s not just a societal thing.

It’s the way of the world.