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In The Rain. August 6, 2011

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I spent the morning being productive at the homestead, then headed out on errands and noodling, as is my wont.  I thought I might find interesting light and, after taking care of the necessities, headed down to the Chesterfield Gorge.

But by the time I got there it had begun to rain, and the light was flat as a pancake.

C’est la vie.

Of course I shouldered a bag and went to have a look anyway, and found this:

A Polyphemus moth caterpillar, I concluded after doing a brief web search.  Feel free to correct me if you know differently.

I didn’t have Ziggy, my 50mm macro lens with me, and shot this with Ollie zoomed to 105mm, then cropped it hard; the resulting image is sufficient for web use but will never deserve to be printed.

Still, it’s a fun shot to look at; old Mop-face there looks highly irregular to this mammal, and I had to coax it onto my hand to lower it for this shot – when I first saw it, it was head-high on a maple tree and upward bound at impressive speed, and if I hadn’t managed to lower it I would never have gotten the photo.

But man, it was creepy holding it – between how its suction feet glommed around my fingers to the perhaps irrational fear that it would bite me (don’t I know anything? )


A Wooly Bear! October 19, 2010

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Hey, there’s one now!

This little thing will become a beautiful Isabella moth.  But for now, it’s only cute as a button!

Hope you like it, and see you again soon.  😉

Getting The Garden In. October 15, 2010

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That is, harvesting everything which might not survive the predicted weekend weather, cold rain ending in wet snow and high winds.

The chard and tomatoes were the big picks, with hot peppers and celery being covered at night and left for a bit longer;  our Brussels sprouts will actually benefit from this weather.

The big surprise was an uninvited guest who rode in on a sprig of fennel:

A Black Swallowtail caterpillar eyes his next meal.

But I was eying it too, so he got a ride back outside.  😉