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V8/10* at Farley Ledge. December 3, 2011

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So my involvement with climbing has devolved into a voyeuristic thing:  I go where the action is and try to glom on to what used to so fully involve me.

At some level, it hurts.  This used to be my raison d’etre.  Now it’s something I observe in passing, like a sunset or a moonrise.  It’s not that it doesn’t matter, but rather that it doesn’t depend on my participation to exist.

Here’s some of what existed today at Farley Ledge in Erving, MA despite my non-participation.

Local man Kai setting up for the big throw on Babies With Rabies,  V10*:

…and here latching that distant hold:

*ed: I called this a V8 in the original posting, but it’s a strong two grades harder.  I should have known – small holds on rock this steep is reeeeally hard.

Most of you don’t boulder, so can’t be expected to relate to the point-of-contact strain revealed in these photos.  But I’ve been there/done that, and feel every fiber of my limbs trying to stick these moves.

Another problem being worked on this particular afternoon was Appetite For Destruction,  a V8 just down the hill from Babies.  Matt was hunting hard for the next hold on the obtuse arete:

…and a bit later, Rajiv pressed on, not “sending” but getting farther along the path:

My focus here was rather soft, though Rajiv’s wasn’t; his targeting of the next hold was exceptional, and landed him a yard of progress, a commendable feat in the Bouldering world.

Thanks to Ollie and my Sweet Sixteen for these shots.  I’m nothing without my tools.