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My President, George W. Bush September 2, 2007

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Over at Shakesville, blogger Jeff Fecke provided a link to a NY Times article about a new book by Robert Draper (which I believe will become available this Tuesday) based on interviews with My President.

I’m constantly both flabbergasted and embarrassed at having this simpleton as My President. And I’m angry at having to swallow so hard before I say those two awful words: “My President.”

There were times when I said them proudly, but that seems like so long ago.

Still, we have to own this clown, because we claim to be a Democracy, and the rest of the world has every right to hold We The People responsible for his actions.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow for those of us who work hard every day to try to keep hope alive.

God Help Us If It’s True! August 1, 2007

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I caught a few snippets of Dubbya The Clown’s press conference at the end of Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s visit to Pee-Wee’s Maryland Playhouse.

Between my bouts of wretching and gagging, one line of bullshit was particularly painful to hear:

“We (meaning Dubbya and Brown) think alike.

Ouch!! Poor Gordon. Imagine having that damning pronouncement regarding your mental incapacity shouted ’round the world, just as you assume your new position as a World Leader.

I’d have slapped ’em.

It’s The Simple Pleasures Which Make Life Worth Living July 21, 2007

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…Like thinking about Dubbya The Clown drinking his gallon of chalkey elixer tonight in preparation for his Rovectomy in the morn’.

Tip o’ the chapeau to Frau Biergut for that savory visual.

We won’t discuss pResident Cheney until that nightmare has passed. Though one has to wonder what Machiavellian machinations will transpire while The Idiot Prince sleeps.

A Slight Return July 18, 2007

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I was just cruisin’ through my Youtube files to see what was in there, and I found this:

Don’t remember where I got it, so if you sent it to me, Thanks!

I found it inspirational tonight, and amazingly produced as well. Art of an e-form. Dig it!

If Silence Was Golden, George… July 15, 2007

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…You couldn’t raise a dime.

Had occasion to listen to the pResident’s Weekly Radio Address today, along with the rather more credible Democratic Response from an Iraq War veteran calling “Bullshit!” on the Liar In Chief.

Ya know, that Douche is still trying to see his fuck-ups through a rose colored lense, but he isn’t sounding all smerky and smarmy and smug any more. I wonder if he’s getting The Message?

And just in case he isn’t getting the message, here’s M’Man Mose to clarify the situation for that lame sackless fuck.

Mose’s eccentric piano stylings can be misconstrued as “choppy” or “pedestrian,” but this video really shows how friggin’ brilliant a player he is, as well as being a clever lyricist. Dig also the excellent work of saxophonist Gary LeFebvre.


I’m Sure It Was The Christian Thing To Do. July 3, 2007

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So Dubbya The Clown, in a touching display of kindness and compassion , pardoned his friend Scooter Libby. I’m so proud to have That Man as my President.


Jesus H, isn’t anybody in that (mis)administration ever going to be held accountable for ANYTHING??? I mean, I understand that Scooter was the “fall guy” for Rove and Cheney, but why the hell didn’t they ALL swing for TREASON in the intentional outing of a covert CIA operative? (And YES. SHE. WAS.)

‘Scuse me while I go strangle a Napa cabbage or something; meanwhile, check out Marc McDonald’s succinct take on the matter over at Beggars Can Be Choosers. He’s a whole lot more rational about it than I can manage right now.

And BTW, if you scroll down his page and read whatever else he has up, you won’t be disappointed.