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The Wild, Wild East! June 25, 2012

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An unexpected tableau on the Great Plains of Hadley, MA:

American Bison being raised for the table.  They’re impressive animals:


Buffalo On The Great Plains… April 17, 2012

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…of Hadley, Massachusetts:

This gruff-looking bull watched me carefully as I approached with my camera.  He was, after all, just being a protective Daddy, but I wasn’t displeased to have a stout fence between him and me.

A proud Momma Bison cleans a newborn (that is, day old) calf:

This little guy is just getting his legs under him:

Sorry ’bout the fence, but I had Gizmo on the box and getting close enough to shoot through the fence wouldn’t have given my the Whole Calf.  I’ll try to get back there while the newborn are still small, and I’ll bring a range of lenses.

The Great Plains Of Hadley! April 22, 2011

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It’s an image we’ve all seen before, but with a twist.

Shaggy, massive, notoriously poor of eyesight and arguably dim of wit:

…but nonetheless an iconic figure on the American Plains….


…and a tobacco barn??

These bad boys are bound for burgers, sad to say.  Such is the fate of this great symbol of America’s Exceptional Plenty.