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Who Hates OWS? December 1, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Politics and Society.
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Well, somebody  does.

Albany, NY District Attorney David Soares has recently gotten death threats.  The content of some of this has been made public, and includes the word “nigger.”

DA Soares is, if you missed that, a Black American.

The threats came in the form of an image of President Obama rendered as a monkey and riddled with bullet holes, and a screed describing both Soares and Obama as Marxist Enemies of the State Who Must Die.

Sounds kinda like a threat to me, though that’s just me.

So, why would some racist bigot want DA Soares dead?

Well, besides the Fact Apparent that the writer is a bigot, it seems that DA Soares declined to prosecute the OWS protesters who had been arrested in Albany, claiming that his department had plenty of important cases to prosecute, and these OWS people hadn’t caused any injury or loss.  So, Cases Dismissed.

Now that seems to have not set well with The Threatener, who had his (I’ll assume) heart set on seeing some dirty hippies hung in the public square.  But thanks to David Soares’ sackless capitulation to the Left, he wasn’t going to get to see any Hippie blood.

So, do you think this Commenter is among the 1% who are being confronted by the 99% who are being had, or what?

I don’t.  I think this mouth-breather is a total Brownshirt Tool.

The corporate take-over of our government requires both lots of corporate money and lots of stupid brown-shirts spreading their lies.  This guy seems to represent the latter.

Thanks, Tool, for outing yourself as a jerk and a bigot.