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A Whole Lotta Watta! April 3, 2010

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Flooding has recently been pervasive here in the Northeast, and the Connecticut River grew mighty with the recent rains.  Here are a few shots from this past week.

The Connecticut as it flows under the Great Falls Bridge between Gill and Montague:

…here with the fish ladder in the foreground, ferrying salmon and shad to higher waters.

The dam itself is massive for these parts, catching and releasing stupendous volumes in the Spring:

…not to mention (though I shall) the flood shunted down Turners Falls’ great canal:

That’s actually a several-second exposure of a quite-turbulent scene.  Funny how Time mellows such things.

And speaking of “mellow,” we could all take a page from the Gulls’ Playbook: Chill!

I’m experimenting with Elliot here, so bear with me if things come out suboptimally!

Ruby Tuesday, Random Edition. September 1, 2009

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A few things Ruby crossed my line of sight this week, and I bagged ’em.

Mind you, I don’t just go around shooting random things because they’re Ruby.  That seems somehow exploitative of an unearned attribute.

But I do shoot random things because they speak to me, and if they speak Ruby, you get to hear them here.

The Bardwell’s Ferry Bridge over the Deerfield, here photographed in a gentle rain:

Bardwell's Ferry  Bridge in the rain

A mushroom in evening light:

red shroom

I’m not sure what kind, I’m too hungry to look it up right now, it’s late and I haven’t made dinner yet.

A mailbox at the mouth of Potter’s Lane, where the mail truck doesn’t go:

ruby mailbox

And St. Luke’s Stone Church in Lanesborough:

St. Luke's in Lanesboro

A few things Ruboid in Western Massachusetts.

For more Rubiliciousness, visit Mary over at Work of the Poet.  She’s the reason I’m a Rubiphile.

Riverine. October 25, 2008

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In nearby Hampshire County, the Connecticut River runs deep and wide:

The only river crossing in the County is the Calvin Coolidge Bridge on route 9:

Him I don’t like, but his art deco namesake is pretty cool.

Today’s Bridge. April 17, 2008

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I’ve been working on the replacement of a bridge over the Middle Branch of the Westfield River:

The bridge is resisting collapse with a decided lack of enthusiasm, and I’m sure even that level of cooperation with human designs is grudging and finite.  So The State is replacing it, and I’m doing the layout.

Despite the hour-in-each-direction drive, I love this job.  This branch of the Westfield cascades down a narrow valley, coursing between vertically-laid planes of the native schist, carving smooth fin-like boundaries for its deep green channels.  And every short ways, the surrounding hills add their contributions to the flow:

And wildlife is abundant – I’ve seen deer, wild turkeys and a very large otter on my drives to and from work, as well as hawks and vultures (those cuties!)  Still waiting for a bear, though.

Beam Me Down, Scottie! October 11, 2007

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It was a Big Day at The Job today, when we found out if the beams fit. If they didn’t, I would be pretty much toast.

Here, my Gaucho friend Isaiah rides one down in the rain:


The Bad News: This bridge was half-built when I came on board, and was a mess, with the abutments being slightly too close together for the size of the beams.

The Good News: I managed to tweak the shit outta the layout, scarfing a few extra millimeters from each of several unsuspecting design features and making them fit.

Just barely.

But hey, barely works for me!