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Again With The Bridge! July 29, 2011

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Yes, again.  It’s right between me and the nearest stores/gas stations, so I pass there regularly, and it’s repetitive but it’s pretty.

Tiger lilies looking over the rail at the Deerfield river:

The Bridge of Flowers is in full bloom right about now, and well visited on a summer day:

Roses sweeten the air, while lavender cools the view:

It colors are uplifting:

The folks who tend this beautiful bridge pay attention to their work, as color combinations attest:

The full range of hues and colors was on display, and I played a bit with this non-classical composition:

I was trying to make the best of a shallow depth of field; I didn’t want to boot the ISO up, and it was consistently breezy, so I was shooting at f.5 or something.

The way things are going, the Bridge is going to bloom until it frosts.  I expect to be boring you with more visits before then.  😉

Weekend Roundup. June 12, 2011

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Another week of water over the damned, as they say.  Here are a few images culled from the pile, before I retire this ol’ ‘puterbox in favor of This Year’s Model.

Wild mustard beneath a Dr. Seuss cloud:

An old wooden truck bed being recycled by lichen:

A monobow descends over the hills of Bernardston:

The Bridge of Flowers in full bloom:

The local planting season swings into high gear:

A little rain does nothing to slow these folks down.  God bless the farmers!

The first cutting of hay came the third week of May, earlier than usual:

And here’s a view from Shelburne’s High Ledges at sunset, looking back at the Deerfield river running through Charlemont:

There are a few other shots from the week which may yet see daylight, but they’ll be coming atcha from a newer computer (once I get it figured out!)

Later, Peeps.

The Steel Bridge At Shelburne Falls. November 5, 2010

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This evening, with a not-quite-sunset threatening but not materializing:

Behind it are the elegant concrete arches of the Bridge of Flowers.

This view has a postcard-like feel to me, and inspires me to look for similar “feels.”

G’night now.

Ruby Tuesday On The Deerfield River. October 18, 2010

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Autumn in New England + Ruby Tuesday = Just Too Easy!

At the risk of being clichéd (but with a promise to keep it brief,) here’s a single Rubylicious shot of the Deerfield river in Shelburne Falls:

That’s ivy and Virginia creeper on a light pole on, you guessed it, the Bridge of Flowers.

And a promise being a promise, that’s it for now.  If you want more of The Ruby, please visit Mary over at Work of the Poet!

Ruby Tuesday – Randomly Rubilicious! October 4, 2010

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Here are a few rubilicious shots from the past few days.

A barn peeks through the rain-soaked woods along a country road:

A farm shed in Cheshire:

Dahlias on the Bridge of Flowers:

Dragonfly wings:

A rainbow in the last light of the day wreaths our barn:

And lastly, sunset in the opposite direction:

Sorry for the hodge-podge of images, but they were all varying degrees of ruby, so I threw them in the pot.  😉

For more Ruby images, visit Mary over at Work of the Poet!

Just Playing… August 24, 2010

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…around with Photoshop – courtesy of Frau B. and Miz Lumina, my benefactors in many ways, and most recently, donors of Lizz’s former lap-top which just happens to have Photoshop on it!!! 🙂

My first effort with this new toy is a white lily from the Bridge of Flowers.  I hadn’t shown you this previously because the blossom was several days old and had accumulated some dirt.  But with a few rudimentary tools from the Photoshop Bag-O-Tricks, it looks like this:

Heheh, sweet!

Boy-Howdy, there’s gonna be a learning curve, but I’m totally psyched!


Ruby Tuesday On The Bridge Of Flowers! August 9, 2010

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Took a short walk today on Shelburne Falls’ famous Bridge of Flowers.

It was Rubylicious!

The air was cool and calm, the light subdued:

The Coneflowers were popping, much to the delight of plentiful honey- and bumble-bees:

Begonias begged at my ankles:

But the Big Dogs on this day were the Dahlias, which fairly hijacked the place:

Big as saucers and saucy as hell:

And yeah, they came in other colors… but then, they wouldn’t be Ruby,  now would they?


Thanks to Mary over at Work of the Poet for this Ruby meme!

About Town. July 13, 2010

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An evening walk from Shelburne to Buckland along, you guessed it, the Bridge of Flowers:

Man, these folks put a ton of forethought into this local gem, as well as plenty of good ol’ elbow grease.

A Crocosmia,  common name “Lucifer:”

An Eryngium,  or Sea Holly, cultivar “Blue Saphire:”

…very cool plant, a favorite of the Bridge’s bees:

I put my camera away at least three times, only to take it out again as the light changed:

Looks like the lawn ain’t gettin’ mowed tonight.



High Ledges. June 3, 2010

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The High Ledges Wildlife Sanctuary tops a tall hill in Shelburne, and is a great place to spend a few summer hours.  It’s beautiful this time of year, with the mountain laurels starting to pop, and an idyllic view:

…overlooking the village of Shelburne Falls, with the Bridge of Flowers in shadow at the left:

That’s a way tele shot, and cropped to boot, but the people on the bridge are very differentiable in the full-sized original.

Hats off to Gizmo.

I hiked the trails looking for Lady’s Slippers, and found plenty:

The rare yellow ones, sometimes plentiful, had gone by, so you get the pinks.

I wandered the woods, taking a chance on this fun little loop:

Pay no attention to those pesky signs, I’m sure this is a fine place to hike alone, miles from medical help.

This trail brought me past a bog where pitcher plants were blooming:

…and there were small animals, some disturbed by my passing, including this baby porcupine which waddled along the trail ahead of me, muttering (I swear!) ’till it hung a quick left and climbed a tree:

Sorry ’bout the picture quality, but I was set up for wildflowers, with mirror lock-up, manual focus and a two second delay, and this all happened pretty quickly.

So up the tree he went:

…then off to home I headed, relaxed and smiling from a good walk in the woods.

I hope you enjoy it too!

From The Bridge Of Flowers… May 13, 2010

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…a pair of Gerbera Daisies, odd little beauties with three inch blossoms on four inch stems:


That last one’s my favorite; the damage from last night’s freeze only makes this photo more real to me, its irregularities and imperfections bringing it on home.

Probably should have saved these for Ruby Tuesday, but there’s something to be said about timeliness, and there’s always another Red Thing just around the corner.