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Meanwhile, Back On Nantucket… February 2, 2011

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…Our weekend, continued.

The village of Nantucket is a beautiful bit of Old New England:

…gone kinda commercial.  The cobblestone streets and brick sidewalks and buildings are quaint, but geared toward raking in the tourist bucks.

This time of year we were spared the crowds:

In fact, we were spared the burden of having anything be open.

So we sprung for a rental car and hit the road.

We headed East to ‘Sconset (it’s actually Siasconset,  but The Locals don’t call it that) across the island “highlands.”  This is an interesting bit of terrain which makes a passable Serengeti:

Our innkeeper told us that, last year, someone had placed life-size cut-outs of big game out there, to the assumed delight of us tourists.

I think that’s pretty funny.

But onward we went, stopping at Sankaty Light just north of ‘Sconset:

This big boy was moved in 2007, back from the edge of an impressive but eroding sand dune cliff.  Here Susan gives it a bit of scale:

The sand cliffs here dwarf the Cape cliffs at Marconi Beach.  Susan considered the dive:

…but in the end, thought better of it:

We settled for a nice long walk on the beach:

…amidst the driftwood…

…and occasional messages in the sand, this one obliterated by a wave a second after I captured it:

Here the shifting sands swallow anything which sits still long enough to succumb to the work of wind and water:

…while spitting out the unpalatable cast-offs of a struggling coastal population:

As the afternoon waned, we headed back to Nantucket Village in time to catch another low tide, my personal favorite time to be on the beach:

Tiny tableaus told of battles fought and lost,

and of past glories now bleaching in the surf and sun:

What a tale was told there, of life and death, beauty and dissolution.

There were lessons to be learned by wiser minds, but then, we had a ferry to catch.

So, off to the Lady Martha:

…away from the dock:

…and back across the Sound, this time chuttering against the wind, so ‘scuse the shaky shots -with the sun setting over Nantucket Sound:

…and off to the southeast, a trail of warm memories:

…albeit grainy as all get-out.

Anyway, that’s it from Nantucket.  I hope you enjoyed it a fraction as much as we did.

G’Night now.

Nantucket! February 1, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, Love and Death.
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Susan and I made landfall (or “island-fall,” in this case,) around 1pm, in the port of Nantucket.  We disembarked and ambled up Main Street, a cobblestone throwback to a slower time, though presently hosting a full compliment of modern autos:

The cobblestone streets were cool, though I wouldn’t want to have to plow them:

After a period of wandering/fumbling our way around town, we found our bed & breakfast, “Seven Sea Street,” at, um, #7 Sea Street.  The wandering was entirely my fault; I’d assumed there’d be some sort of tourist info available  for people getting off the ferry, and lacking a functioning printer at home, hadn’t brought a street map.

And yeah, “Off-Season” meant off season,  and not much was open, including the Visitors’ Center!

We ditched our bags at our lodgings and walked a little ways to Brant Point, where a cute little lighthouse stood guard over the harbor entrance.  It was just a bit past low tide, and wave upon wave of shells festooned the beach below the light:

That was an attempt at a tilt/shift shot, with Elliot putting in his best effort but not getting his best results; I’m trying to figure out why, and settling somewhere around the low light and serious shift putting the lens beyond its more useful parameters.  At any rate, I resolved to get back here at first light (not a very romantic option, but hey, I’m trying to do something here.)

We found a nice restaurant just down the block from our lodgings and enjoyed a spectacular meal at Lo/La 41, fresh local seafood within sight of the ocean.  It set me back more than I’m used to, but you know, these numbered birthdays come only once in a lifetime, and here we were both healthy and hungry and strong and sensually alight.  We ate with gusto, then retired to our little suite, paying passing homage to the fireplace in the sitting room on our way to our four-poster canopy nest.

The pre-dawn morning twisted my mind a bit, its pale eastern glow urging me out of bed despite a lack of sleep.  I’d laid my clothes out in order of application in the other room, hoping to let Susan sleep while I took photos.  My pre-planning worked and I slipped away unnoticed.

I beat feet back to Brant Point Light, a little later than I’d hoped but still early enough to get these shots.

Morning threatening to break:

This cool walkway said, “Come on in!”

…but, of course, the door was locked, so I just walked the walk.   🙂

Nothin’ going on there except me and the birds:

By this time my numb fingers were reminding me of Warm Good-Mornings and breakfast, so I headed back into town.

More of Nantucket later; right now we’re getting a pretty good snow, and the roof needs tending to.