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A Favorite Place September 24, 2007

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, Politics and Society.
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Anyone who’s been stopping by here for any length of time knows that most of my favorite places are deep in the hills, far from the crush of cars and people and bigotry and pollution.

But there are some Places of Man (sorry, Ladies) which can bring me down from the hills, and this is one of them:

The Montague Book Mill in Montague, Massachusetts. Used (mostly) books in a place with more character than any business could ever need.

I love this cloth sign, their tongue-in-cheek (albeit true) motto, the un-subtle suggestion of the proper way to use a television, and the view clear through the building from this vantage (and many others!)

Add two cool restaurants trending from The Lady Killigrew, fully casual with wireless internet access, to-die-for lunches, the best cup of joe in the world and a nice selection of beers and wines ’till late into the night, and The Night Kitchen, with more complex fare served on gorgeous stone patios overlooking the cascades of the Sawmill River.

What you get is what I got.

Dig it!