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A Photographic Experiment. November 20, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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My most recent lens purchase was a Canon L-series 24mm TS-E II, a lens which replicates the actions of medium and large format cameras in that it allows for the “tilting” of both the camera back/film plane and the objective lens, the one which gets punched first in a street brawl.

I bought this Rube Goldberg monstrosity while in pursuit of the ultimate landscape photograph.  You know the one – the cactus flower nearly brushing the lens and the castellated horizon, both in sharp focus.  It’s a look which is, practically speaking, unattainable with an SLR or modern digital camera, seeing as it depends on being able to “bend” the lens relative to the camera body, which hasn’t been an option until just about… now.

I bought Elliot (my TS-E lens, if you catch my reference ) looking for that infinite depth of field (tilt) and control of parallax (shift,) and have been struggling with the learning curve ever since.  The focus is manual, and the results of my efforts aren’t really obvious in my tiny viewing screen, until I get home and blow my images up.

Then, last week, my Siamese Cousin Bob sent me a link wherein people did exactly the opposite with their tilt-Shift lenses, opting for what approximates a spot-focus amidst a sea of  impressionistic blurs.  It was cool enough for me to be inspired to try it, so I did.

Here’s Bossie, asking the perennial question, “Whatchoo lookin’ at???”

Obviously, I’m lookin’ at a cow with an attitude.

This isn’t what I bought Elliot for, but I anticipate having some fun with it.

Let me know what you think.

One For Cuz. August 22, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, Love and Death.
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Every time I see mist-shrouded hills (which is quite often these days) I think about my Siamese Cousin Bob (yes, it’s true – we were separated at birth.  By several years and a thousand miles.)

Bob traded his beloved Appalachians for love, and a new home in Costa Rica.  And while I’m absolutely certain that he “traded up” and suspect that the rainy season in CR will deliver vistas similar to the ones he knew ’round his Secret Lair, I’m guessing that one can never get too much of what one loves.

So Cuz, here’s a shot from this evening, between deluges and despite tornado warnings:

one for Cuz

Taken about a mile from my place.

Hope you catch this, Bob.  And I trust that life is being kind to you in your new digs.