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1700 And Counting. August 12, 2012

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So it turns out that “Between The Rains” was my 1700th post here at Little Bang Theory.

Yaaay Me!!

Well, before I dislocate my shoulder trying to pat myself on the back, let me admit that some of them were pitifully brief, many were lame, a whole bunch were raging rabid rants, and at least one had a picture of my ass.

No, really.

So I just want to take a moment to thank all of you who have been here for me since April 28, 2007, who kept me honest (well, kinda ) and interested and encouraged me to post more photos. It was YOU who got me to take photography seriously. Your compliments embarrassed me into wanting to deserve  them, and I tried harder. Thank you for changing my life for the better.

And I’d like to give a special shout-out to Blue Gal, the blogger who got me started. Back then I was doing mostly socio-political commentary; Blue Gal is still doing that, and SO much better than I ever did or ever could do. Go listen to her Friday podcasts with her new(ish) husband Driftglass. They’re priceless examples of cogent analysis and clear (if blue) language to argue for a saner world.

And lastly, a big thanks to Phydeaux, my first ever commenter, who turned out to be my long-lost Siamese Cousin from whom I was separated at birth (by a thousand miles and several years!)

OK, the music just started to play over me, and some Academy lackey is gesticulating ominously with The Hook from behind the curtains at stage left, so I gotta go.  I’ll mention my centennial blogiversaries whenever I notice them, and pray you’ll humor me.

Now back to our regular programming…


Thank You. November 18, 2011

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This, my friends, is my 1500th post.

That’s 1500 times I’ve impinged on your reality with my ideas and obsessions, many of which were somewhat disjointed from their predecessors.

It might be relevant that my favorite short story is Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis,”  seeing as that’s about what happened here at Little Bang Theory.

I mean, I didn’t wake up on my back with a surfeit of legs waving incongruously above me.  But I’ve gone from a ranter to an observer to a photographer and back.

Thanks to all of you who have humored me by sticking around through the changes, forgiving me my abject failures and supporting me when things clicked.  I’m talking about BlueGal, who first encouraged/helped me to begin blogging and still inspires me with her powerful perceptions of Our Current Dilemma (her podcasts with Driftglass are an essential part of my weekly education.)  I’m talking about Bob Rutledge, my Siamese Cousin Separated at Birth (by several years and close to a thousand miles) who was my first commenter back in 2007, finishing my thoughts and appreciating my humble efforts as I shifted from politics into photography, and to all of you, Susan, Lisa, SO many others who have kept me going.

Look for me to broaden my palette to include All Of The Above, to get back into climbing (though not as a participant; my over-zealous pursuit of this younger-persons’ sport well into my dotage destroyed my rotator cuffs, rendering me an observer,) social issues which demand that ALL OF US participate, and other fields of endeavor which I can’t presently imagine.

That is to say, I have no idea where this blogging stuff will take me.  I only know that I’m wed to the idea of sharing my thoughts and observations and joys and frustrations and little daily miracles with those of you who have stuck with me thus far, and perhaps even roping a few unsuspecting passers-by into my small but growing world of observations and musings.

Again, a hearty “Thanks” to you, the people who are the fuel for my fire.  I wouldn’t be here without you.