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Weather. August 25, 2012

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Here’s a black and white photo of some low clouds passing through a couple of days ago:

This scene was interesting to me partly because its “interesting” aspect was so ambiguous. None of the elements were particularly compelling, yet the whole scene worked, and  I wasn’t clear on how  it worked. It took me a while to conceptualize it as you see it, and in that time the skies changed enough so that I nearly missed the shot.

I gotta learn to think faster.

Sycamore. May 18, 2012

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An over-arching sycamore branch frames the dawn along the Deerfield river:

I’d hoped for a foggier atmosphere, but hey, you gets what you gets.

Beneath The Button-Ball Tree. January 26, 2012

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While waiting for my car to be repaired (again!) I wandered out behind my mechanic’s place to a big Sycamore tree and took this picture:

This is along the banks of the Deerfield river, and the shoreline here was drastically changed by Tropical Storm Irene, leaving water-worn cobbles of every size and description where grassy banks used to be:

That trio of stones may have been arranged by a neighborhood kid, as they’re right in the central village.

I took my newly nimble steed for a test drive, finding little of interest photographically until I passed through upper Cummington at the end of the day and stopped for this lone maple, which I thought would look nice as a black and white photograph:

So, a light day of posting here at LBT.

And so it goes, and so it goes…

Fading Away. July 9, 2011

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Our old barns took quite a hit this winter, with greater than average snowfalls collapsing many of the weaker ones, and plenty more seeing significant damage.  If these winters keep coming on like this, we’ll soon be seeing a substantially changed rural landscape from what we now have.

So it seems an appropriate time to pay attention and catalog The Way It Was before the opportunity is lost.

A big old barn in Conway took a hit this winter, and may not stand another:

This is a working farm, and it hurts to see them lose assets as they’re struggling to stay afloat.

The best of luck to them, and to all of the farmers out there working long and hard to keep us fed and provide for their families.

Looking Back. April 4, 2011

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Before electronics, there were levers:

And before hydraulics, there were cables:

…And The Work got done.

The times, they surely are a-changin’.

Something, Um… Different! October 21, 2010

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Went for a short ride this evening, hoping for a glimpse of the rising nearly-full moon through the swirling clouds of a departing storm.

Well, that didn’t happen; instead the clouds closed in and a cold drizzle began to fall.

I drove on, though, thinking I might catch something different in the gray light.

How’s THIS for “different:”

Yeah, heheh, a black and white photo of a rainbow arching over a blazing sugar maple.  Not quite the traditional rendition of such a scene, but I was curious to see how it would look, and rather like the effect.

And just in case you’re not as easily amused as I am, here’s how it actually looked when I took the shot:

It was a really intense rainbow, and not a half bad consolation prize for the moon-shot I missed n the rain.

Hope your evening went as well.  😉

Chandler Hill Cemetery. September 8, 2010

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Visited the Chandler Hill Cemetery in Colrain over the weekend:

It was like stepping into a time machine; stones carved in a style gone from modern times:

…scripture quoted in words lost in antiquity, memorials to people who wrested a life from these rugged hills long before there was a United States.

“James Stewart, b.1680…”

One Reverend Taggart apparently made quite an impression, serving both his congregation and his community in an early incarnation of our Congress:

I liked the time-worn workmanship of his stone:

Thanks to Lizz and Holly for sharing with me this very cool old piece of our local history.

In The Rural Berkshires. March 12, 2010

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We here in The Hills take our daily sights for granted, so frequently unaware of their specialness.

Photography has been a call for me to reexamine that position, looking hard at scenes I might otherwise obliviously blow past.

Like this one, of a roadside VFW in Clarksburgh, MA:

I threw a bit of weight around with Elliot, shifting the perspective and the mass upward to approximate this building’s forceful presence in its humble neighborhood, and its humility relative to its old oak neighbor.

I hope you like it.