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Random Shots. May 12, 2009

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A few from today.

The newly refurbished Bissell Bridge, where I worked today:


The Mill Brook is really nice through this section.

A cemetery in Colrain, with a wash treatment:

cemetery wall, washed

I like this treatment better than the full color original, though that was interresting to me as well:

cemetery wall color

…and as long as we’re seeing in color, here’s a shot of evening on the Deerfield:

Dfld evening

…and a sunset over Mount Todd:

Todd sunset

Hope you like ’em.

Water Under The Bridge. March 30, 2008

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Here’s a shot I took this morning in the shaded gorge beneath the Bissell Covered Bridge, which is presently being renovated:


I know, it’s a funny exposure. But after my next paycheck hits my account I’ll be springing for some ND Graduated filters, and then I’ll have no excuses: either I got it right, or I didn’t!

Images From My Day March 7, 2008

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Took my morning coffee break in Shelburne Falls:


…then after work, I went for a short walk to check out the falls below a covered bridge I’ve been doing some work for:


The water level was at a good height for pictures, allowing me to see interesting aspects of both the water and the rock surrounding it.

Hey, tell me if either of these next two shots says more to you than the other – I’m conflicted and can’t decide:

Number 1


…or Number 2


Sort of a Straight vs. Curved thing, I guess.

You know, as much as I love photography, sometimes I just don’t feel like driving all over looking for something to shoot. It’s the oil and carbon thing, I’m sure you know. So it was nice to find this so close to home – it’s literally a five minute walk from my house!

Anyway, it was a cool spot. I expect to be back there often at varying water levels and in varying light, so expect to get sick of it! 🙂