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Happy Birthday Ursula! :) December 18, 2011

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My once-babygrrrl Ursula turned twenty-three years old today.  Happy Birthday, sweetie!

This event does far more than make me cognizant of my headlong tumble toward fate’s final curtain.  It makes me grateful that I was born, that I survived my insane teen years, that I met her Mom-to-be Gina (The Pagan Sphinx,) and that our love produced two such beautiful human beings as our daughters Meredith and Ursula.

Along side those last happy occurrences, everything else, from spectacular sunrises to the Aurora Borealis, recedes to insignificance.

Thank you, Ursula, for that inestimable gift.

Tomorrow’s Another Birthday… September 28, 2011

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…not that I usually notice, but this year there’s something I really, really  want.

I want Elizabeth Warren to be my Senator.

If you have the slightest inclination to say “Happy Birthday” to me, I would be moved to tears if you would say it by supporting Elizabeth in some small way.  She’s on our side, and deserves to have us on hers.

You can do that by dropping her a dime or two at Elizabeth Warren.com.  Any little bit will go a long way if we all do our part.

And it’s a birthday thought that will benefit us all, you, me and the kids.



Happy Birthday! July 1, 2011

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…to The Pagan Sphinx!

Fella blogger, teacher, mother of our two beautiful daughters, art muse to many, and a life-long inspiration to me.  This is the woman who showed me the reality of political activism, inflamed my passion for social justice and broadened my palate for art beyond Zap Comix and music that wasn’t the blues.  God bless her for making my world a better place.

[photo deleted by polite request]

Here’s wishing you many more, Kid.  😉

A New Year’s Eve Show! January 4, 2010

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I know, I’m late in posting this, but…

As Ursi’s 21st birthday present, I bought us (!) tickets to They Might Be Giants at the accousticly wonderful Calvin Theater in Northampon, Massachusetts.  The management had conceded to remove the front so-many rows of seats and sell “standing room” tickets, so that’s where we were, me being an aging hippie accustomed to clambering onto stages (and generally being “asked” to GTFO) and she being a big fan of TMBG and never before having seen them live.

So, after a light dinner of spicy shrimp and a beer, which she was astonished to not be “carded” for, we hit The Calvin and staked out some prime real estate down front and center.

The night began with a jaw-dropping set by Peter Stampfel, backed up by his daughter on funky (and very rustic) drum and vocals.  Peter (I’m assuming you’re not aware) was a founding member of The Holy Modal Rounders, an absurdist folk/rock act which released their first album back in 1964.  They have, among other things, the distinction of having supplied the tune “Bird Song” (“If you wanna be a birrrrrrd…”) to the film Easy Rider,  and having introduced the term “psychedelic” into the lexicon of rock, though they pronounced it “psycho-delic” at the time.   He joined The Fugs in 1965, and anyone familiar with their music would have been psyched for what transpired this New Years’ Eve, though apparently most of the younger audience were not, as they hooted and clapped more in amusement than in appreciation of this Alt Music legend.

Here’s a crappy shot of Peter and Daughter (sorry, I didn’t catch her name,) on accounta cameras weren’t allowed, and my little smuggled point-and-shoot wasn’t doing it:

Kind of a Velvet Peter effect going there.  You could either call it shitty photography or art.

If you’re curious about my enthusiasm for Mr. Stampfel, you might go to grooveshark.com to check out what’s been preserved of his repertoire, or see what The Fugs did with him on board.  This is only recommended if you have an open mind and a sense of humor.  It’s a potentially bawdy mix of Musical Americana, kind of a stylistic precursor to The Band, bounded only by a drug-induced dismissal of musical norms and the making of no concessions to what was socially acceptable in 1964.  If you follow that link, I recommend that you listen to a few verses of each song, and if you’re not amused, move on to the next.   There are moments of genius in this stuff, and some clunkers as well.  But the true test of this man’s efforts is The Sum, which is predictably greater than any of its parts, and I’d hate for you to miss that.

But anyway.

The MAIN EVENT was They Might Be Giants.  This is one of my favorite bands, and it tickles me to see how much Ursi digs them.

John (one of the two) on accordion:

..and at the keyboards:

They had a drummer who went into overdrive for a nearly three hour show, and a three-person horn section , The Tricerachops Horns, that kicked ass:

This bad photo so perfectly captures the energy of this trio, which drove this show, providing the stampeding elephants to drive home the brilliant lyrics of John and John.

And during the encore, when we beat feet for a view from the balcony and an unobstructed exit before the bulk of the audience left, we got to see what we had narrowly missed, a cannonade of confetti covering the dance floor:

It was cool to see, but I’m glad I missed it.  Even my peripheral engagement has had me picking pieces of confetti off my bedroom floor for the last three days, so I feel for the folks who were Down There.

The lights dimmed, leaving a contented crowd:

We got out ahead of the masses with an hour to go before The Ball on top of the Hotel Northampton rose,  but decided to skip the main event in favor of going home.  It was nearly an hour away, and we’d already had a long, fun night.

A Happy Birthday Message! December 18, 2009

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…To my younger daughter Ursula, who turns 21 today (!!!!!)

Ursi, my brilliant and beautiful little jewel, it’s difficult for me to imagine being any prouder of you.  Since very early in your life you’ve consistently demonstrated a level of empathy and compassion unequalled by your peers.  Watching a tiny You speaking Truth to Power, demanding justice for classmates unfairly punished, facing consequences because you just wouldn’t “let it go,” filled me with such awe-struck pride…

Did I ever tell you that before?  To some degree I’m sure I felt like I shouldn’t encourage you in directions which would get you in trouble with your teachers, but on a higher level I was just so damned proud that I could have popped my buttons!

And as you’ve grown into an adult, I’ve frequently been misty-eyed at watching you transform this passion for justice into a search for a life-path which will allow you to make the world a better place, be it as an advocate for our fragile environment or for people around the world whose stories need to be told to be understood and valued.

Thank you, my beautiful Daughter, for becoming who you are.  I have no doubt that the world is a better place for having you in it.

Great expectations, best wishes, and all my love,

Your Proud Dad.

P.S.,  Good luck on tomorrow’s exam, and I’ll see you afterward.  😉

Happy Belated Birthday, Pagan Sphinx! July 2, 2009

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This s a day late because my browser crashed yesterday – sorry!

Most of you who come here know the Pagan Sphinx from one or more of her blogs; I’ve known her for nearly three decades as a best friend, a lover, a confidant and the mother of our two lovely daughters.  She’s beautiful, funny, caring, insightful and talented, and having her in my life and heart has broadened me in ways beyond telling.

Here she is at Elder Progeny’s recent graduation:

[photo deleted by polite request]

Ain’t she cute?  🙂

Happy birthday, Gurrrl, and may you have many more!

Happy Birthday To Me! April 28, 2009

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…Well, actually, to Little Bang Theory, which turns two years old today (and I almost forgot!)

It’s been an interesting journey, from my first stabs at commenting over at Shakesville to Blue Gal‘s injudicious (but awfully kind) encouragement to start my own blog (Hiya ‘Gal!), to my first commenter, My Siamese Cousin Bob over at The Phydeaux Speaks Experience, to…

Wait, let me stop right there for a moment.

When I first started blogging, I had a lot to say.  Most of it was  psychotic ravings of a socio-political nature.  Some of it was tongue-in-cheek humor.  Sometimes I made feeble attempts at poetry.

And amidst it all, I threw in a few of my rudimentary “nature photographs.”

It was Bob who first (and most vociferously) championed my forays into photography, which proved to be a godsend, because before a year had past I had lost my voice, my ability to form cogent thoughts, to put them down in any semblance of readable order.  And without my photographs to offer as some scant proof of my continued existence, I’d have disappeared entirely from this amazing world of kind and brilliant friends, like Jen and Teh Portly Dyke, both of whom have helped my with technical problems which were far out of my league; like FranIAm (BTW, Happy real Anniversary, Gurrrl!) and Paul, the Byzigenous Buddhapalian, who reawakened in me a love for all that’s still beautiful about the Christianity of my youth; and to all of you who never knew my voice, but come here anyway and say kind things about my humble efforts.  I’m sorry to not enumerate you all, but again, my supply of words is being stretched beyond all expectations.  I trust you know who you are, and will forgive me.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

Oh, and a special thanks to The Pagan Sphinx, whose eclectic voice carries on championing social justice issues right about where I left off, and who shares our beautiful daughters with you all in a way which I currently have neither the grace nor the ability to do.  Thanks, Gina.  I still love you, you know.

Anyway, 70,117 page views, 871 posts and 5,669 comments later, Little Bang Theory is alive and kicking and grateful.

Well, OK, now my word-bag is getting light, and you’ll be lucky to get anything out of me for the next month other than single-word descriptions of my dinner.

Besides, now I’m late for my own birthday.

Bummer, Man.  😉