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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. November 30, 2010

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So now we know:  roughly 70% of enlisted folks would be fine with it’s repeal, allowing the same gay and lesbian service persons who now serve along side them to do so without violating their oaths of service by lying about who they are.

The media are all over this, and rightfully so – it puts to rest the obstructionist tactic of, “let’s wait and see what the military thinks of this idea!”

But then, 70% isn’t 100%, is it?  And the “Left Wing Media” is giving considerable credence to the 30% of enlisted people who oppose the abolition of DADT, mostly Marines (God bless them) and other Front-Liners, without passing judgment on them, ’cause you know, everybody’s opinion counts.

Well, I’M passing judgment.   The idea that a small contingent of homophobic bigots might hold back the advancement of civilization makes my stomach convulse.

Let every just, fair-minded man and woman point an accusing finger at those who stand in the way of full equality for our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers who love someone of their own gender and howl, HOWL, “Not on my watch, not while I breathe, Not Ever!

We The People have spoken, as have the Generals and the Administration.

So be it.

Standing Up For What’s Right June 17, 2007

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June being worldwide Gay Pride Month, I think it’s worth noting that in Brazil, a preponderantly Catholic country, one gay person is murdered on average every two days. Just because he’s gay.

Yet an estimated TWO MILLION PEOPLE showed up for their big Gay Pride rally this past week. That, my friends takes courage. Lots of it.

Here in Massachusetts, our new governor Deval Patrick has shown political courage by lobbying our State House and Senate hard to reject a plan to amend our State Constitution to prohibit same-sex marriage.

I know, I know. Massachusetts is a blue state. But in reality, the majority of us watch Faux sNooze and root for the next American Idol, just like the folks in Kansas or Montana do. So while we’re represented on the Federal level by progressives like Ted Kennedy, we rub elbows in the workplace and at the grocery store with a lot of small-minded folks who fear and loath the concept of Equality For Others Who Are Not Like Ourselves. So publicly defending same-sex marriage is indeed a courageous move for a politician.

Especially a Black politician.

Because bigotry and hatred are alive and well in the Good Ol’ U.S. of A., wherever you are.

Here, let me show you what I mean. I went for a short drive yesterday in the Hill-towns surrounding The People’s Republic of Northampton, one of the most progressive towns I’ve ever known. I intended to do a little bouldering on Balanced Rock in Savoy State Forest, but when I got there I found this:


“Fuck Dury” is probably in reference to Drury High School, the regional school which serves the town of Savoy. Apparently, if you’re a nigger-hater you’re likely too stupid to spell correctly the name of the high school you dropped out of.

I didn’t do any climbing on Balanced Rock; I paced around it photographing the vandalism and ranting against Stupid People .

So thanks again to Governor Patrick for showing us he has that rarest of political organs, a SPINE; to the two million Brazilians who understand that True Democracies exist to protect minorities from the tyranny of the majority; and to any and all of you who Speak Truth to Power in defense of the rights of “others.”

Because to the scumbags people at the top, WE ARE ALL “OTHERS.”