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A Retro Ruby Tuesday. October 20, 2009

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When my brother and I were little kid my parents would occasionally take us out to eat on a Friday or Saturday night, and because we  were a real 1960s American family, we went to one of those sit-down burger franchises, where the food was fried and, if you didn’t know any better, great for the price.

One of the family-friendly places we frequented (you know, vinyl bench seating so you can mop up after the little monsters leave,) was called Abdow’s Big Boy, with an extensive burger menu for Dad, though mine opted for their Fried Clams every time, some predictably bland white-fish dish like scrod for Mom, who wasn’t overly adventurous as eaters go, and an extensive kids’ menu so Mom and Dad could enjoy their meal without all the bitching.

And outside the place, on the Route 33 rotary in Chicopee,  was a monument to Big Boy himself, a fiberglass likeness which I remember as being gigantically rotund, like a cautionary tale told in code not quite decipherable to a young child.  Somehow the distended abdomen made me distrust Big Boy’s bright smile and Irish eyes.

I hadn’t seen Big Boy in decades, I don’t know how many.

Until just this past weekend.  On the banks of a pond in way rural Shutesbury:

Big Boy cropped

Poor Big Boy.  He’s been holding that ridiculously large burger for what, maybe fifty years now (I said I was little!)  If that were me, I’d be in tears, with the way my shoulders work.

Plus it’s gone a bit green, and I don’t think he’s gonna sell it.

Anyway, this may be my most incongruous Ruby Tuesday ever.  I mean, what’s congruous about Big Boy on the bank of a backwoods pond?

Thanks to Mary over at Work of the Poet for this Ruby meme.  🙂