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Benazir Bhutto Killed December 27, 2007

Posted by littlebangtheory in Politics and Society.
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Well, they did it. They killed Ms. Bhutto.

I’m not even going to guess at this point which group of homicidal maniacs will claim responsibility for this gun attack/suicide bombing, or murkier still, what international entanglements might be at work behind the public face of this next step along the Road to Hell.

And I’m not going to claim that the Former First Female Prime Minister of an Islamic Country was all virtue and light – indeed, she spent some years in “self-imposed exile” (read: “on the lamb”) because of corruption charges which were probably politically motivated but based to some degree in the reality of that Region’s political culture.

But I’m extremely uncomfortable knowing that there are plenty of powerful and well-financed individuals and organizations in this Country who would be thrilled to see the Middle East collapse into chaos and ruin, a void which will need to be filled by “right-thinking” people and institutions, rebuilt by Multinational Mega-Corporations, and that will be financed, of course, by the “privatization” (read: “selling off”) of everything from oil to air.

What a sickening feeling it is to not trust My Own Government to not have had a hand in this latest mess. I’m not suggesting a direct hand, but rather the causative poison of an ongoing campaign of escalating militarism, ideological divisiveness, blundered “diplomacy” and overt support for any vicious dictator who will fellate our Corporate Pride.

By our being in bed with Musharraf, the House of Saud and any other homicidal scum who will do “our” bidding, we give weight and rectitude to any movements which opposes our unabashed hegemony.

My sincere condolences go out to Ms. Bhutto’s family, and to her supporters who hoped to move a bit closer to the democratic ideals of civilian rule in Pakistan.