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Not “Buried,” But “Berried!” February 19, 2012

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The walkway above the Shelburne Falls “Potholes” is usually buried deeply in snow this time of year; this February it’s covered with berries which have fallen from the ornamental trees which abut it:

It’s making me jones for Spring!

That’s a hand-held shot from Elliot with eight degrees of “tilt” and a whole lotta luck.


The Hundred Yard Diet. July 15, 2008

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If you’ve been here for The Duration, you’ve heard this before.

I try to “eat local,” but I’m not a strict “hundred-mile diet” kinda guy. I like my coffee in the morning, thank you, and occasional chocolate isn’t obscene.

Well, it can be, but that would be another post. 😉

But… where was I? Oh yeah, eating locally.

So besides getting most of my fresh veggies from local farmers’ markets (there are skads of them!) I also try to pick my own free, organic, zero-carbon-footprint food as often as possible, and in the summer that’s at least weekly.

So what could be better than to find the most splendid delicacies right in my own back yard?

These li’l sweeties found themselves on top of some Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake ice cream, courtesy of Ultimate Spawn, who took a walk down to the store while I made dinner. Then we watched Cool Hand Luke (one of her favorite movies, how cool is that???) and ate berrylicious gobs of goodness.

We both make little noises when we’re enjoying our food, so it was a cool little slice o’ life.

Which is to say, “Thanks, Gurrrl!”

Yer Berries Are In… July 17, 2007

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Black berries, raspberries, black raspberries…


Blueberries are pretty inconsistent this year; they seem to like a wet spring and a hot summer, but our weather has been a bit off that track.

Might have to pick a pint of raspberries and get some delicious local ice-cream…