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Water Over Stone. March 30, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.

There’s a lot of color lurking beneath the surface of some of our local brooks, in particular the ones which scour steeply down to the banded gneiss which makes up a significant proportion of our local bedrock.

There are greens and reds and oranges, some crisply displayed beneath the ordered frenetics of a surface headed resolutely for The Sea,


Some smoldering beneath that surface, with the water itself orchestrating the flow of color and light:


It’s an amazing presentation of the patient power of water and the resolute resistance of stone. And at this In-Between Season, there’s still an element of ice in play, adorning the dark wet surfaces, bringing light into the depths:


I’m destined to bore you with this stuff, which pulls me in and holds me in its existential currents. I’m sorry, but I’m smiling as I say that, because I’m enjoying myself, up to my ankles in it as I am.

Bear with me; Spring will come, the Small Things will grow and bloom, and my offerings will expand to include growing greenery and tawny young men clinging improbably to the undersides of rocks.

Hey, something for everyone, you know?