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Phall Pholiage Photos! October 10, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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More colors from this sub-optimal (but still pretty cool) season.

Locally, some back roads:

A Conway beaver pond:

Bittersweet on a barn in Hawley:

A few Deerfield river shots:

The real color, though, was higher up in the hills. I’d seen The Change coming to Southern Vermont and headed that-a-way, passing through the heights of Rowe, MA on the drive, and stopped off at a seldom-visited beaver pond for a couple of quickies:

I especially liked this shot of orange jelly fungus popping out of a fallen spruce along the pond’s edge:

All of these are from Elliot, bless his little mechanisms.

In Vermont, the best colors were along Route 9 between Searsburg on the east and Bennington on the west:

Of that last bunch, the more expansive views were captured by Ollie, the last two are from Gizmo.

This year, Autumn has been a finicky visitor and seems anxious to be moving on.

Oh well, let her go, I say. Can’t stop her anyway.

I may head farther afield in the next few days, searching for a few last kisses before Bleak November arrives.

Along The Road. June 28, 2008

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I know, I’m stalling.  There’s so much which needs saying, and so little time to say it.  Elections come and go, Loved Ones pass away, the future becomes the present, then becomes the past.

And still, the words won’t come.  I’m sorry.  As a parent, I expect more from me.

But for now, here are a few images from Along The Road, which hopefully will convey something of what’s inside of me.

A beaver pond in Plainfield:

A fly fisherman on the Deerfield river:

At The Potholes in Shelburne Falls:

Sorry for the randomness, I guess I just had a few worth seeing which weren’t thematic (except for involving water!)