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Ruby Tuesday: The Late Edition. July 21, 2009

Posted by littlebangtheory in Ruby Tuesday!.
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…But perhaps, “better late than never!”

We’re back to the endless rains, atypical at best for a New England “summer,” and the only bright spots in this environment are the wildflowers.

So without further whining, here are a few I found with Ruboid Tendencies.

This is a little Who-Knows-What:

pink bonnets

Found at roadside, with myriad half-inch flowers on knee-high creeping vines.¬† The flowers look like Beach Pea, but the leaves are long and lanceolate, and the stems have flat “wings” running their length, which doesn’t at all sound like my guide’s description of beach pea.¬† Any ideas?

Here’s a shot of part of a just-unfurling (or past-mature and in-curling?) umbel of a Queen Anne’s Lace, with its distinctive Ruby central flower cluster:

curled QAL

The complexity of these compound flower heads blows me away – they’re nondescript as drive-bys, but mesmerizing through a decent macro lens!

And finally, an Irresistibly  Rubylicious Rugosa Rose:

Rugosa rose

Found wild in a pasture, as they are wont to be; they and their many close relatives defy ruminants and flourish in these parts.

Thanks to Mary over at Work of the Poet (“Hi, Mary!”) for this delicious Ruby meme – go there and browse the many other blogs who participate in this weekly rubyfest!