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A Visit To The Bridge… May 18, 2012

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…of Flowers, of course!

I’ve been photographing here for enough years so that I now seldom bring my camera when visiting.  Our town’s art spaces and galleries are full of images from here, some magnificent, some pretty OK.  And frankly, I’m not looking for a place in that queue.

But still, whenever I’m in town I find the short walk across the Bridge of Flowers to be irresistible, and if  I don’t have my camera with me I regret it.

So the challenge becomes to take a photo I haven’t before, to see things a bit differently.

Enter Elliot, and the prospect of limiting  the area of sharp focus rather than increasing it.  It’s counter-intuitive for me, as I usually try to extend my depth of field in my landscapes, but the distinctly non-planar landscape of The Bridge demands a somewhat different approach.

Well, enough words, and on to the images from yesterday, some more pronouncedly limiting focus, some laying a plane across petal-tops.  All the result of my undying love of The Bridge.

The depending blossoms of Solomon’s Seal:

A blossom on a bush peony which would easily fill both of my hands:

Alliums, thigh-high and beaming:

Azaleas (at the far end of the A’s):

A sprig of blue lupines:

…all taken on a breezy day, with a great deal of effort expended to counteract that fact, except for in this image of wind-whipped wisteria wound around a bit of superstructure:

I courted both the stasis of the woody vines and the kinetics of the dancing leaves, and am happy with the take-away.

All of these were hand-held, experiments as it were in tilt-shift photography, and encourage me to get back there with a tripod and attempt to do it right.  A more deliberate approach might yet yield fresh images.

Random Shots. May 20, 2010

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This week I’ve been hot on my pal Gizmo, for at least a couple of reasons.  First, I can set him up on the passenger seat and be ready for any wildlife I encounter (which I didn’t;)  second, I can take photos as close as 12-1/2 feet with a field of vision about four inches across, or as far as infinity with a field of vision measured in light years; and third, because I can take photos in the rain without ever leaving the dry comfort of my driver’s seat.

That last one figured heavily in this past week’s wet weather.

At any rate, here are a few snags from the past few days.


…A yellow violet:

Pink Azaleas:

…and a stand of Northern Pitchers up in a fen in Rowe:

These will come along nicely as the summer unfolds.

And because I mentioned a broader field of vision, here’s a shot from tonight’s sunset:


Meanwhile, Above It All… April 16, 2010

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A few “from the can:”



A cherry tree:

…and magnolias looking fine against a deep blue sky:

These imports are such an improbable addition to our Berkshires landscape, yet beloved by suburbanites, and understandably so:

…until one’s lawn turns pink, then brown, then yellow from smothering.

I am, thankfully, not a “lawn guy,” and so can enjoy them without reservation.