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Harvest Moon! September 22, 2010

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Last night’s moonrise over Mount Massamet at Shelburne Falls:

It was a day short of full, but I shot it anyway because of the likelihood that tonight will be cloudy.


Ruby Tuesday – Falling Into Autumn! September 22, 2009

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Just a quick break from sorting my life into piles of “pack” and “pitch” prior to my upcoming move.

Here are a few shots demonstrating why folks in these parts look forward to the autumnal equinox.

An ordinary utility pole becomes a beautiful lady in her gown by Virginia Creeper:

virginia creeper

A swamp in upper Florida shines its lights on a steely sky:

Florida with cattails

…and a view along the Deerfield river:

along the Deerfield

It’s going to get better before it gets done, but I expect to be more or less tied up and might miss a lot of it.

But I’ll share what I can.

Thanks to Mary over at Work of the Poet for this rubylicious meme!