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And So It Begins. September 13, 2009

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Autumn, my favorite time of year.  Born of September, giving birth to November, a quarter year of mind blowing changes, from verdancy to indeterminacy to this:

ruby foliage

That’s pretty determinant.

We’ve entered Nirvana for as long as Nature grants us.

There are other places in the world to live, some much grander, some wilder, some so, so much more cultured.  But I’m a product of this, and this is what I love.

So if I ply you with the same shots week after week it’s because that’s where I am, and that’s what I’m diggin’, and that’s what I have to share.

Especially this time of year, when it all goes magical and unlikely.

It’s Game On for Autumn.  Stay tuned.

It Rained Today. November 8, 2008

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And down in town, I hurried through my errands and minor missions – stopping by the Town Common to congratulate the anti-war protesters on their electoral victory, though that isn’t why they were there and they shared my ambivalence at succeeding in electing their Third Choice for President.

I went across the street to assure the Anti-Obama protesters (yes, they’re still there) that we wouldn’t eat their young now that Our Guy was sliding into the driver’s seat, and that I really hoped The Change would work as well for them as I hoped it would for me.

Then I got the hell out of town with a bag of groceries and some lumber for a project, all the while watching the dead-gray skies, thinking, “It’s raining up there,” and wanting to be in it.

Talk about “change.”  For most of my life I’ve dissed the rain as being necessary for the garden, yet antithetical to my avocation (and sometimes profession) of climbing, rock climbing, where adhesion to a surface is paramount.

But now, today, I can’t wait to pitch the buy-one-get-one-free pork tenderloins into the freezer and head up into the rain, to find myself enveloped in clouds, to collapse the distances and intensify the mists.

Here’s what I got.

Pears, gone wild, for tonight’s dinner:


Then a stop at the Laundro-Mat, ’cause I have to have clean sheets, and a realization that I wasn’t going to make it to the High Country in time for the light.

So I hit the river.

It was generous with its images, atmospheric, surreal:


I liked that some elements of this photograph were out of my control, like the kayakers who entered from Stage Left as I released the shutter.  I didn’t mean it to be about them, but they had other ideas.

Behind me, the railroad tracks defined a vanishing point on the near horizon:


While a riverside meadow reveled in Autumn:


I’m blessed with being where I am, and could hardly imagine being somewhere else.

The Winds Of Change. September 21, 2008

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Tomorrow marks the Autumnal Equinox, the turning of a corner, usually marked in these parts by a marked change of color, of goose-bump shade and cheek-tweaking breezes.

This year is a bit different.  The maples, rather than bursting into riots of reds and yellows and, in the case of the silver maples, delicious purples, have prematurely faded to a dull rust, their leaves curled in dusky defensiveness.  It looks like something’s just not right.

But on a smaller scale, there are signs of the changing season, minute bits of vibrant color, defiant anomalies amidst the somber earth tones which predominate.

Autumn wildflowers:

A vine becoming vinaceous:

Reflection in a pond:

Amphibolitic glyphs scrawled across the face of our local Waites River Schist:

Detail of a maple leaf in Full Regalia:

It’s not an autumn of jaw-dropping views, at least not yet.  But if one doesn’t mind crawling around a bit on hands and knees,  there’s still some color to marvel at.

Thank You, Mother Earth.

Not So Long Ago November 5, 2007

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The Wild Places were Painted with an Autistic Intensity:


Now Brown Rules the Rainbow, and Grey is the New Black.

Autumn Light October 23, 2007

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The clouded Eyes of Age,

Suddenly lucid;

Green begets gold,

Becomes brown,

And falls,

Returns to earth,


In the warm light

Of Autumn.

Leaves At Last October 14, 2007

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Up in Savoy State Forest:


Autumn in New England October 4, 2007

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Nature. Child of Mother Earth and Father Sky. The Temple where my soul goes to die and be reborn. The reason I carry on through the lies and the pain and the bullshit.


In a season which has been sorely lacking the vibrant colors for which October in The Berkshires is justifiably famous, the only significant color this year is at the water’s edge.

For this small blessing I thank you, Mother and Father.

The Days Grow Shorter September 23, 2007

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And there’s less time to play outdoors after work.

Unless you bring a lantern 😉

Welcome Autumn, the best time to climb in New England.

And me all lame and shit.