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Autumobile. September 28, 2012

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I found this noble beast sitting in the woods up in Monroe, MA, in an area which used to be a Department of Corrections work camp:


This is off of a dirt road which is gated and usually locked, but I happened to find it open and chanced an incursion, knowing that there are at least two swamps / beaver ponds which might be showing autumn colors. More on the results of that visit later.

Thanks to Elliot for this perspective, with good sharpness from front to back.

An Update, While I Can. October 29, 2011

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Well, our Odd Year continues, with snow in October.  Not that we never had that before, but it’s pretty rare – the last significant October snowfall I recall was back in 1987, when our first daughter was two months old.  Pagan Sphinx and I were living in Great Barrington, MA when a whopper Nor’Easter hit, dropping thousands of trees which still had their leaves, and as many pines which couldn’t rely on the stability afforded by frozen ground.  We had something like ten days without power, no heat or refrigeration or running water, and no way to get anywhere – the roads were mazes of downed trees, live wires and stranded vehicles.  That kinda sucked, though we all survived it.

And here we go again.  Overnight our local area is expecting something like a foot of wet, heavy snow, and we still have plenty of trees with their leaves on.  Power outages are spreading as I type this, so I’ll keep it succinct in case I lose power.  We have about ten inches in the driveway, the roads are nearly impassable, and my sweetie Susan and her cats have already lost power.  This has the potential to get ugly.

This past Thursday afternoon and evening fired a warning shot across our collective bows, with a smaller storm to get us prepared for this larger one (you should have seen the lines at the tire stores!)  And I got a few shots of it.

Here’s your typical Autumn maple leaf:

…in an atypical setting:

(different leaves, same shoot)

…in an unusual juxtaposition of autumn and winter:

The road in the valley cleft down left of center is Route 2, the Mohawk Trail, my current job site.  It’s a real mess, closed since Irene blew through, and is a hub of activity, with many work crews aiming at getting this stretch of road open before winter.

And no, we weren’t counting on this series of storms, so we may be set back a bit in our efforts, but we’ll make it happen.

My next post (if I don’t lose power and internet access) will be of the mayhem wrought by Saturday night’s Big Snow.  It’ll be pretty, if the predicted winds lag significantly behind sunrise.  Otherwise, it will be only interesting, and a good bit sloppy.

Photos tomorrow, In Sh’Allah.

B-Team Mug Shots. October 26, 2011

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Here’s a slightly sorry line-up of Usual Suspects who didn’t quite make the cut – photos which have sat around long enough on my desktop so that it’s time to either use ’em or lose ’em.  They’re not my best work, but just as we Plain Folk deserve to find happiness, these photos ought to be seen before being recycled.

A riverside granite outcrop in NH:

Wet Paint taken not far from there:

That NH She-moose in a casual moment of herbaceous bliss:

And another framing of North Pond in Savoy:

There.  Now I can clear these stragglers off of my desktop without feeling like I abandoned my children without acknowledging them.


Ruby Tuesday – Falling Into Autumn! September 22, 2009

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Just a quick break from sorting my life into piles of “pack” and “pitch” prior to my upcoming move.

Here are a few shots demonstrating why folks in these parts look forward to the autumnal equinox.

An ordinary utility pole becomes a beautiful lady in her gown by Virginia Creeper:

virginia creeper

A swamp in upper Florida shines its lights on a steely sky:

Florida with cattails

…and a view along the Deerfield river:

along the Deerfield

It’s going to get better before it gets done, but I expect to be more or less tied up and might miss a lot of it.

But I’ll share what I can.

Thanks to Mary over at Work of the Poet for this rubylicious meme!

Say Buh-Bye! October 27, 2008

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Rain, wind and snow predicted for the next few days, with accumulations at higher elevations, and at least a cameo appearance in the valleys.

So it’s “Buh-Bye” to this:

…and “Hello” to this:

Hey, at least I won’t have to rake it!  😉

Where The Day Took Me. October 12, 2008

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It took me up into the hills, of course.  Up where patches of milkweed stand, penetrated by thrusts of light, engulfed in the October sun:

I edged my way down to Pelham Brook, well below the probing rays of the sun, to get these images:

…of Leaves Abandoned, of Water Frenetic:

And finally, a slow ride home in the filtered light of Autumn:

Thank You, Mother Earth.  Thank You, Father Sky.