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A Stupa In Ashfield. February 3, 2012

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Here’s a lithic monument I regularly pass in Ashfield, MA, beneath a set of power lines running along a rural road:

It’s a good-size piece of work:

It’s quite a ways from the nearest dwelling, and not in a particularly pretty spot, which leaves me wondering why it was built there.

I suppose that everyone who needs to know that has already been told.

A Rainy Evening. August 6, 2011

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More rain came down on the ride home from Chesterfield.  It didn’t really pour, it just spat.  Much of the drive was shrouded in clouds, with landscapes and details appearing and disappearing like friendly phantasms:

A view down Apple Valley Road in Ashfield.

It’s turning tomorrow as I type this, and has been gently raining off and on for hours.

If you’re a lawn or garden, that’s great news.  🙂

Summer Wildflowers. June 6, 2010

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Summer is a time for wildflowers which grow in open spaces.  Roadsides run riot, and fields flower furiously between mowings.

Here are a couple of early examples of that.

Ragged Robin rages in a high meadow in Windsor:

That one is courtesy of Elliot, my Canon TS-E lens, and exhibits relative clarity from about ten feet to infinity despite being taken on a windy afternoon, thanks to a fair degree of tilt and shift.

This next one, a field of buttercups up in Ashfield taken the next day, is courtesy of the same lens without the shenanigans, that is, no tilt or shift, just a straight-on shot, as there was nothing in the foreground which needed a close focus:

New England isn’t the best venue for a T-S lens, as it’s not particularly planar – one is much more likely to find suitable subjects on the plains of the Midwest or in the deserts of the Southwest.

But we make do with what we have, don’t we?

At The End Of The Day. May 13, 2010

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On tonight’s ride home from Susan’s place, the steel gray blanket of sky was suddenly separated from the western horizon by a white-hot wedge of light:

I bolted for a high vantage point as the sky erupted in a blaze of brimstone, and found a place to pull over just as the show began to fade:

I was thrilled to have caught a little piece of it, and sincerely wished you were there.

A Sunset. April 28, 2010

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In Ashfield:

The weather hasn’t been cooperative, and this shot is a pleasant departure from the usual fare.

In The Snow. February 26, 2010

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Late winter is frequently a bluster here in the Berkshires, and this past week has proven to be true to form.  Storm upon storm has dumped feet of heavy, wet snow on us, denying us power, heat, light and water, and in cases like mine, even access to our homes; the berm of slop thrown across my driveway by plows plying Route 2 was a yard deep, fifteen feet wide and as heavy as lead.  Plus, there was no place to pull over and try to shovel, with the plows constantly rounding the bend on which I live.

But still, despite a growth of stubble and an unhygienic aire, I found the storms to be cleansing, healing, and beautiful.

A home up in the hills of Cheshire:

A nearby rural lane:

Stone monuments on a knoll above Ashfield Lake:

…and a barn in the farmlands of Shelburne:

I wandered long past dark, waiting for the plowman to come and let me into my driveway.  I got there in time to snap this shot of yet more snow descending from the heavens:

…that last one taken through my windshield.

I love winter, despite its tribulations.

A White One. June 8, 2009

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Yet another barn, this one on the short list that’s labeled “white:”

Ashfield white barn

Another gray day in the hills of Ashfield.

Humble And Proud. May 22, 2009

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lanesboro barn



A local barn:


…at a very rural golf course.

It’s a nice spot.

Today’s Meanderings March 1, 2008

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Had to do some laundry today, which meant a protracted trip to nearby Shelburne Falls, home of the infamous Wash ‘N’ Wire laundromat and the at-least-as-famous “Pot-holes,” carved into the bed of the Deerfield River beneath the present day Shelburne Falls Dam.


This is a Four-Season-Gorgeous spot, with nuances worth exploring every day of the year.

Today I found that the high, clear waters of winter had over-run some of the granitic gneiss of the river bed with a layer of color and intensity which made my heart pound.



Not a half-bad way to spend a couple of hours while one’s clothes get clean.

I also took a ride through nearby Ashfield, a pastoral mix of wooded hills and farmlands:



‘Twas a productive session of laundro-tography, if I do say so myself.