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More From The Festival Of The Hills! October 10, 2010

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Here’s a brief tour of last weekend’s festivities in Conway:

The “welcome wagon,” in front of the Field Memorial Library, built by a local-boy-made-good:

The library is a visual anomaly in this little hill town of one story wood-framed buildings, but when a local-farm-boy-turned-department-store-mogul builds his home town a library, you just say, “Thank you.”  😉

The town hall is the only other “modern” building in sight, and the gateway to the festivities:

This is basically an agricultural fair in the old New England tradition, with displays by local farms:

…these being organic goodies from our CSA.

There’s fresh cider from local apples:

…Did I mention that it’s fresh?

And lots of food from local restaurants and crafts from local artisans:

But the real excitement is provided by Six Flags Over Conway – witness the Giant Swing:

…the Slide of Death:

Mountain Climbing for Those Who Dare:

…and of course, what country shindig would be complete without… a rodeo!

While some might express their disdain for such reckless pursuit of excitement…

(I was going to title this one, “Llama Lifts a Leg” until Susan pointed out that it’s an alpaca, which doesn’t alliterate as easily…)

…none could be other than impressed by feats of Herculean Strength such as the Ladies’ Skillet Toss:

And let me tall ya, these grrrls could hurl!

All kidding aside, this was a great day of family fun, with all proceeds going to benefit scholarships for the town’s students.

That alone was plenty of reason to go and drop a few bucks.