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Water, Water Everywhere. August 15, 2008

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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It won’t stop raining.

Sporadic sprinkles, hourly showers, daily deluges.

My garden is suffering; the tomatoes are blighted, the basil is languishing. Even the sunflowers weep for lack of their namesake.

But the rivers – Ah, The Rivers! They swell with pride, roiling with an unseasonal urgency:

Hurling themselves headlong over precipitous drops,

Circling their wagons in tannic tantrums, pausing in their seaward rush for only a turn or two,

then gone down the valley, bound for the ocean, bound for the sky, bound to return again before the season’s over.

I’m not complaining about my garden; there’s a purpose greater than me, and if my tomatoes don’t win prizes, so be it. The grass is green, the corn is high, and in general, my small corner of the world is faring pretty well.

Thank you Mother Earth. Thank you, Father Sky.