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Steel Bridge Dinner, 2012. August 21, 2012

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Shelburne Falls’ 12th Annual Bridge Dinner happened this past weekend. The village’s main street bridge closes to motor vehicles and becomes a dining room for 400, which is a surreal situation when the light cooperates:

A long table is set with flowers and glasses and linen:

Plates await…

…the guests trickle in:

…and soon assumed their stations, anticipating their coming meal in the beautiful Autumn air:

It was a lovely evening to be out and about as people settled down in the hot sun and cooler evening air:

Salad appeared:

…thanks to the servers from Mohawk Trail Regional High School:

..and we dug it:

The table filled as the sun settled low:

…and the evening was well enjoyed:

The servers cranked:

…and the love of the moment flowed:

There was pleasant conversation:

Contagious congeniality:

…and LOTS of food:

Friends caught up between courses:

It was all well received, the meat and fish dishes and sides of all sorts, and at last, dessert:

It was quite  a nice night, so much so that I didn’t mind working – what I saw made me smile, and I had high hopes of capturing some of it to share.

I hope you’re smiling too.  😉