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May Bounty! May 20, 2009

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In addition to the last of the fiddleheads and ramps, May brings us New Englanders our first fresh mushrooms.

And Boy, the opening act is gonna be hard to follow:


White morels.  I’ve had good years with these, and years without any.  So any is good, and many is amazing!

Here are a few which are doomed, DOOMED  I say…


…to be sauteed in butter and white wine, then simmered in a garlic and cream sauce with a few drops of white truffle oil:

white sauce

…and served over fresh ricotta-stuffed rigatoni:


with a modest organic side salad.

Spring is good to us Roadside Grazers!

Dinner With TCR! November 20, 2008

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So it’s time to turn the garden under, see, and turn the stragglers into compost, and weed out the nasties which are surviving around the kale.

The kale, In Sh’Allah, will keep producing for a while, and that’s good, because fresh stuff from the garden gives me wood.

But the rest of it is past productive and I’m intent on doing a little Carbon Sequestration before the ground freezes.

But wait – what’s THIS??

My brussels sprouts!  YOU CAME!  After I’d given up on you, “Nope, not this year,” after some hard freezes, long after I stopped checking, I HAVE BRUSSELS SPROUTS!


So it’s a change of plans, and the organic veggies I bought for a Risotto head for the oven – rainbow tiny carots, golden beets, tiny turnips and red onions from this year’s garden, tossed in olive oil and lots of fresh basil and lovingly treated to a luxurious half-hour in my 350 degree oven (can you tell I’m cold?)

Et Voila! Roasted Roots and Sprouts:


Served over fresh angel hair pasta (30 seconds, please!) tossed with balsamic vinaigrette and a little grated cheese.