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Dark Horse Finals – Women’s Problem #1! January 28, 2013

Posted by littlebangtheory in Action/Adventure.
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Here are a few shots from the Jan 19th Dark Horse Bouldering Finals, a climbing competition staged at the MetroRock Climbing Center in Everett, Massachusetts.

Some but not all of the amazing women who threw down during this exciting night of climbing theater!

Isabelle Faus:

Isabelle, Prob 1

Galina Parfenov:

Galina, Prob 1

Molly Gaynor:

Molly, Prob 1

Angie Payne:

Angie, Prob 1

Meagan Martin:

Meagan, Prob 1

…all moving like dancers on a vertical stage.

It was amazing to watch and photograph, even though I wasn’t happy with my take-home. I went two days early to scope out the venue, assure my shooting stances and determine which lens would work best – climbing gyms are reeeeeeally dusty environments, and changing lenses isn’t a great idea.

But when I showed up for the comp, most of the stances I’d been “given” were occupied by the video crew, as was the overhead access between stances. I was stuck in one spot, with a lens which only worked for one of the three problems.

Oh well. I got what I got.

More to follow.


1. emdoyle - January 28, 2013

They are very dancerlike poses. I can’t imagine being able to move like that anymore. I think you did really well, considering that the what you prepped for was given to the video crew.

littlebangtheory - January 28, 2013

Thanks, Eileen. I just picked up an occasional/hourly job as a climbing instructor, so I’m going to have to brush off my mojo and relearn how to move like that…

emdoyle - January 29, 2013

Good luck with that. I wish you well.

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